15 Celebrities Associated With The Illuminati

By Kirsty Bachor

24th April 2019

15 Celebrities Associated With The Illuminati

Secrecy, lies, conspiracy theories, famous cults – there are many celebrities associated with the Illuminati and we’re revealing which ones…

It’s no wonder the rich and powerful get drawn in to such situations, and naturally deny any claim that they are involved with such a thing. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to hint at their involvement with sneaky symbolism and subtle imagery in blink-and-you’d-miss-it style.

But do it too many times and eventually somebody is going to take notice…

1. Angelina Jolie – Associated With The Illuminati Due To Her Choice To Have A Double Mastectomy

One of Jolie’s most famous films, Tomb Raider, was largely based around an Illuminati-filled plot line.

Angelina jolie in tomb raidar

Image Source/The Sun

Her decision to have her double mastectomy came at the same time the Supreme Court approved a patent which tests for the possibility of breast cancer being genetic in women. Pharmaceutical companies run by the secretive group would make billions in profit. Did she know?

2. Paris Hilton – The Illuminati Are Said To Perform Mind Control Experiments On The Hiltons

Being such a prominent A-Lister and having such a rich family would undoubtedly draw attention from many people – including the Illuminati.

paris hilton crying in a car

Image Source/The Tab

It has been speculated that the Illuminati chose Paris after she ended up in a prison psych ward back in 2007.

3. Britney Spears – Said To Be A Victim Of Mind Control And Features Illuminati Symbolism In Her Music Videos

Similar to Paris, due to her money, fame and status in the entertainment industry, Britney would be another perfect candidate of mind control.

britney spears smiling

Image Source/Vanity Fair

Britney has also featured Illuminati symbolism in the music videos to Work B*tch and I Wanna Go, such as the triangle and pyramid – she’s just one of many pop stars!

4. Kim Kardashian – Her 2013 Christmas Card Was Inundated With Illuminati References

The Kardashians are pretty much involved in everything these days, so it would be a safe bet that at least one of them may be a member of the Illuminati. And there are rumours circulating about Kim’s husband, Kanye (but we’ll get to that later).

kim kardashian instagram post

Image Source/Instagram

Kim has denied the claims – which you would even if they were true – but the Kardashian’s 2013 Christmas card was evidently filled with Illuminati symbolism…

5. Rihanna – The Singer Has Been Known To Make The Illuminati Hand Symbol And Use Imagery In Her Music Videos

Riri makes a habit of flashing the Illuminati hand symbol in public, namely where you make your hands into the shape of a diamond.

rihanna doing an illuminati sign

Image Source/Vanity Fair

Her music video to the song What Now is also full of Illuminati imagery.

6. Michael Jackson – The Illuminati Turned On Jackson Due To His Popularity

Jackson was said to have been involved with the group, but they turned on him due to his popularity and set to muddy his name and reputation through the media.

Michael Jackson Illuminati

Image Source/The Sun

Michael also featured Illuminati imagery on his album cover for Dangerous.

7. Beyoncé Knowles – The Singer Is Known To Feature Imagery In Her Videos And Make The Famous Hand Symbol

Knowles regularly integrates Illuminati imagery in her videos and music performances.

beyonce illuminati pose

Image Source/Instagram

She also made the Illuminati hand symbol of a diamond during her famous Super Bowl performance.

8. Jay-Z – Uses The Hand Symbol And Even Uses Illuminati Phrases In His Clothing Line

Like his wife, Jay-Z publicly uses the diamond hand symbol – and even encourages his fans to join him, asking them to “raise their diamonds”.

Jay Z doing the occault

Image Source/Youtube

Occult phrases also feature on his Rocawear clothing line.

9. Miley Cyrus – Has A Host Of Tattoos Supporting Illuminati Symbolism

It seems she has fully embraced the group after getting a tattoo of the all-seeing eye on her finger and Leonardo Da Vinci’s heart illustration on her forearm.

Miley Cyrus' tattoo

Image Source/Steal Her Style

Da Vinci himself was associated with the Illuminati.

10. Madonna – Uses Illuminati Symbols And Imagery In Her Music

Like Beyoncé, Madonna has also flashed the diamond hand symbol in her Super Bowl performance.

madonna illuminati

Image Source/Vice

She used the public performance to hint at her support and involvement with the Illuminati, and the stage and costume design was filled with Satanic references and imagery.

11. Kanye West – Uses His Music And Videos As A Platform To Showcase Illuminati Imagery

Although his wife has denied the claims, Kanye is rumoured to be involved with the secret society due to his widely used symbols and imagery.

kayne west doing the illuminati sign

Image Source/How Stuff Works

His music video for the song Power is filled with Illuminati symbolism.

12. Nicki Minaj – Another Fan Of The All-Seeing Eye And Uses Symbolism In Her Videos

Nicki is another speculated celebrity associated with the Illuminati imagery and symbolism in her music videos and song lyrics.

nicki minaj looking to the left

Image Source/Zimbio

Like Lady Gaga, Nicki likes to cover one eye to represent the unconcealed, all-seeing one.

13. Bono – His Band Name Is Linked To An Illuminati God

When you think of influential power, Bono has got to be one of them, with his links to fundraising groups such as Band Aid. He’s also been photographed displaying the ‘all-seeing eye’.

bono covering half of his face with his hand

Image Source/Viraliq

His band’s name, U2, could also be linked to the Illuminati god, Utu.

14. Lady Gaga – Frequently References The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ And Uses Symbolism In Her Music

Gaga is commonly photographed covering one of her eyes – which leaves one eye, the ‘all-seeing eye’ in view.

Lady gaga in her poker face music video

She also showcases Illuminati imagery and symbolism in her music videos and performances.

15. Justin Bieber – The Singer Has Showcased His Illuminati-Themed Tattoos

Despite denying his involvement with the Illuminati, Bieber has a tattoo of the all-seeing eye on his forearm.

Celebrities Associated With The Illuminati - justin Bieber

He also has a tattoo of an owl, which is said to represent Moloch, an Illuminati God.

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