10 Clever Uses Of VapoRub

By Andrew Pollard

11th April 2019

To the majority of you, you’ll be familiar with VapoRub and such similar products as being a little bit of a helping hand when you’re feeling bunged up and under the weather. But VapoRub has far, far more uses than simply helping to clear your airwaves.

With that in mind, then, let’s take a look at 10 ingenious (and very real!) things you can do with a tub of trusty ol’ VapoRub.

10. Ease The Pain Of Sunburn

There’s nothing worse than working on your magnificent tan, only to realise you’re a tad overcooked and are left a red, throbbing mess.

By chance, VapoRub can be your BFF when it comes to dealing with a nasty case of sunburn.

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