Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Contestant Reaches £1m Question For First Time In 10 Years

By Claire 4 years ago

A 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' contestant will play the first £1 million question in 10 years on tonight's (04.03.19) episode.

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An English teacher from Birmingham - whose identity has not been revealed - left host Jeremy Clarkson stunned when he answered 14 questions correctly and reached the major one, in which he was quizzed about British prime ministers.

According to The Sun newspaper, on reaching the final question, Jeremy said:
"Well, I can hardly believe it. I didn't actually believe I'd say it but I'm going to..."

Speaking about the contestant, he added:

"What a player, what a fabulous player", and praised him for his "extraordinary" game play.

Jeremy took over from previous host Chris Tarrant, who quit the show in 2014, but he was criticised for branding some contestants "stupid".

But this season, he said:
"This time they've been - with one or two exceptions - sparky and on-it and bright and deserving of a place in the chair."

Chris - who presented the show from 1998 to 2014 - previously claimed he didn't care he was snubbed as host for its revival.

The 72-year-old host was adamant he has no bitterness because he doesn't think it can match the "buzz" of the original.

He previously said:
"I genuinely couldn't care less. I wouldn't have wanted to do it again. They had to get someone very different from me, so Clarkson's probably not a bad shout.

"But what they'll never have is the great buzz we had, particularly in our first year. That was an amazing time."

Ingram Wilcox was the last person to win the show's £1 million jackpot in 2006.

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