By Cara Dudgeon

12th March 2019

You won’t be the only person that looks at their urine when they go to the toilet, and some of us won’t even mind admitting it: it may surprise you that if you do, you aren’t disgusting, it’s actually a good thing – our urine actually says a lot about our health!

The colour of our wee can indicate quite a few health issues that we should all know about; there are some things that we can learn from just taking a quick look at our pee – for instance we can tell when we’re dehydrated because our urine will go a darker yellow colour!


Here’s a quick guide that will help you see whether your wee matches any potential health problems that you might have…

1. Pale Straw

This is the colour of your wee when it isn’t too light and it isn’t too dark. If it’s any lighter than this then you might be drinking too much water according to a GD at Bupa Health Clinics. Dr Luke Powles, toldĀ Cosmopolitan:

“If it’s lighter [than pale straw], you’re probably drinking more water than you need to.”

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