This Is The Net Worth Of Your Favourite Stars!

By Georgia Keenan

29th March 2019

Have you ever wondered what some of the biggest names in music, media and acting have been raking in over the years? Of course you have!

Well, wonder no more because we’ve got you covered! From Oprah Winfrey’s $2.5 billion (yes, you really did read that right!) to Chaz Bono’s underwhelming $500k; join us as we discover which of your fave celebs have struck gold…

1. Melissa McCarthy – $60 Million

Our fave female comedian Melissa McCarthy is a Jack – sorry, Jane – of all trades, who has dabbled in writing, fashion designing, stand up comedy and of course, acting.

McCarthy might have been raised on a farm but thanks to her successful career, the actress is currently worth an impressive $60 million! Not bad, eh?

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