By Amelia Slater

7th March 2019

‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner…’

It was THE film of the eighties: Dirty Dancing had romance, dancing and a topless Patrick Swayze…what more could you want?!

Thirty years later and Dirty Dancing is still one of the most iconic romance blockbusters of all time. Day by day everywhere across the world, men are being forced by their other half to sit down and watch this film. But what really happens after the dancing shoes have been taken off?

We’re going to salsa our way into secrets behind one of film history’s most famous love stories…

10. The Trees In The Forest Scene Had To Be Spray-Painted Green To Make It Look Like Summer!

The film was meant to be set in the summer of 1963 but the production schedule meant that a summer shoot could not take place. Filming began in September and ran through to the fall!

The scene where Baby and Johnny dance in the woods was actually shot in October, at which time the leaves were already brown and falling. To maintain the realism, the crew had to spray-paint the leaves on the surrounding trees green.

UP NEXT: Which famous company refused to sponsor the movie?


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