By Andrew Pollard

24th March 2019

Michael Jackson is one of those rare people who pretty much everybody on the planet has an opinion on. Whether it’s his music or his private life, everybody has their own thoughts on the man labelled The King of Pop. Having passed away in 2009, just shy of his 51st birthday, Jackson’s ever-changing physical appearance was just as notable as his ever-changing musical style.

Join us as we take a look at the changing faces of the one and only Michael Jackson throughout the decades.

1969 – (Age 11) Michael’s TV Debut

Here we have a shot of an 11-year-old Michael Jackson as he and The Jackson 5 made their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

In addition to performing Who’s Loving You and I Want You Back, the Jacksons also covered Sly and the Family Stone’s Stand during this appearance.

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