By Emma Moylan

25th March 2019

Celebs might seem like gods and goddesses floating on clouds, highly superior to us flawed folk but in reality, they’re just as prone to messing up as the rest of us. (Even you, Kim Kardashian.)

We’ve all posted a snap we’ve regretted and deleted later – no-one wants to see me drunkenly take my fifth shot of tequila – but celebs take it to a whole new drama-filled level. The difference (when you’re a celeb with a gazillion overly keen followers) is that there’s always someone ready to screenshot your mistake and share it with the world – much to our excitement!

Here are the snaps that celebs did not want you to see…

18. Tyga Says He’s The REAL Baby Daddy Of Stormi

As per any Kardashian drama – we LOVE it – there were rumours flying all over the place about who Kylie’s baby daddy was as she had not been dating boyfriend Travis Scott for very long at all. DRAMA.

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So, naturally, Tyga poured gasoline on the fire by taking to Snapchat and telling everyone that Kylie’s baby was his! Someone was clearly bitter about the break-up but came to his senses and swiftly deleted the post.

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