By Kirsty Bachor

27th March 2019

8 Simple Rules: What Do They All Look Like Now?!

8 Simple Rules was a Comedy Central classic, and whether you’re Team Bridget or Team Kerry, it’s safe to say that we absolutely loved it!

“You make her cry, I make you cry.”

(Let’s be honest, we were either watching this or the Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

Based on the book, Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter by Bruce Cameron, this is only one of Paul Hennessy’s simple rules for dating his daughter.

The young cast will be all grown up by now and probably enforcing their own simple rules on their own kids…

Cate Hennessy (Katey Sagal)

She was the working wife and mother who left her strict husband in charge of the kids while she went off to work as a nurse.

Cate was perhaps not as strict as her husband, but was forced to re-evaluate after Paul’s tragic death.

Cate Hennesy 8 Simple Rules

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Katey has had a varied and successful career, talented musically as well as with her acting; she actually started her career as a singer/songwriter. Katey is more well known recently for her role in Sons of Anarchy and the voice of our favourite one-eyed ass-kicker from Futurama, Leela.

Katey is happily married to director Kurt Sutter and has 4 children. She’s most recently worked on Mayans MC and Shameless.


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Rory Hennessy (Martin Spanjers)

He was the youngest of the Hennessy clan and little brother to Bridget and Kerry; and, quite affectionately referred to as just “the boy” by his father. He’s often found tattling on his sisters for the sheer pleasure of watching them get into trouble.

Later on in the show, he forms a bond with cousin C.J and gets involved with money-making schemes.

Rory Hennessy 8 Simple Rules

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Martin won an award for his role as Rory in the hit TV show; his more recent roles include The Comebacks, 90210 and even commercials for Pizza Hut and T-Mobile. 

Martin currently lives in California, and has also appeared in various music videos.


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2018 was full of things I had never considered or encountered. With the overwhelming support of friends, family and strangers – I ran the NYC marathon for #TeamRitter . Through this challenge, I learned that our physical, emotional, and mental capabilities are endless. Singularly, we already have the ability. Collectively, there are no boundaries – we, as a community, can accomplish anything. I hope this next year we all can all walk hand in hand and embrace the challenges in front of us. Remind yourself and your community that “everything is god in drag.” Whatever god, higher place, center or balance you seek – I hope the next year is a curious expedition full of surprises and love with the new and old.

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Paul Hennessy (John Ritter)

Paul was the leader of the pack and the one responsible for the said “rules”; the more strict parent, Paul took on a more hands-on role when wife Cate began working as a nurse. He worked from home as a Lifestyle columnist.

Often embarrassing his daughters with his discipline, Paul claimed that boys only want one thing. Sadly, as the series went on, Paul died after collapsing in a grocery store buying milk.

John Ritter Death 8 Simple Rules

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John Ritter already had a successful and established career at the time of 8 Simple Rules; a respected actor, he was known more for his comedy roles, with films such as Bad Santa. John also had a happy family life with a wife and 4 children.

Sadly, John died in 2003 after suffering from heart problems; this was the reason for John’s character’s death in 8 Simple Rules. 

John Ritter 8 SImple Rules

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C.J Barnes (David Spade)

C.J is the comedic nephew of Cate and Paul who moves into the Hennessy’s basement; his nature is generally childish, and the audience can watch first hand his many failed attempts to woo the ladies.

Despite his joking nature, C.J is very caring and often gives good advice to the girls regarding their problems.

David Spade 8 Simple Rules

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David Spade (C.J Barnes) – NOW

David has a glittering comedy and acting career (and you’ll definitely recognise his voice as the llama from The Emperor’s New Groove, of course) and has starred in hit films such as Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups and The Do-Over. 

David often donates to charitable causes which are dear to him, and has been known to date numerous actresses. He currently lives in California.

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Kyle (Billy Aaron Brown)

Kyle is a recurring character in the show, who is mostly seen as Bridget’s boyfriend, but at one time during the show he also dates Kerry.

Kyle is not popular with Mr Hennessy – purely for the fact that he is dating Paul’s daughter.

Kyle 8 Simple Rules

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Billy Aaron Brown (Kyle)

To date, Billy’s role as Kyle on 8 Simple Rules has been his most successful one in terms of his acting career, but he also has a long list of films under his belt, such as Jeepers Creepers 2, Deception and First Night. 

Billy is also an active supporter of the Huntington Disease Society of America, and organises a run every year to raise money for the charity.

Billy Aaron Brown 8 Simple Rules Kyle

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Principal Ed Gibb (Adam Arkin) – THEN

Ed is the long-suffering principal of the school which the Hennessy children attend. He is a comic character with dry humour, and rather likeable (if you let yourself like him).

Following Paul’s death, Ed takes a romantic interest in Cate in later episodes of the show.

Principal Ed Gibb 8 Simple Rules

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Adam is a successful film, TV and stage actor, who has also appeared in shows such as Modern Family, Fargo and Sons of Anarchy. His film credits include Smothered and The Sessions. 

Adam married his current wife, Michelle, in 2017.


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Happy Birthday Adam Arkin 🎂 August 19, 1956 #AdamArkin

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Bridget Hennessy (Kaley Cuoco) – THEN

Usually called ‘Beege’ by her father, Bridget is the eldest of the Hennessy children – and the polar opposite of her fiery, red-headed sister.

She is the beautiful and dim-witted blonde, the child Paul most worries about boys taking advantage of (and with good reason).

She is categorised as the happy, ditzy blonde who often wears next to nothing – much to her father’s chagrin.

Kaley Cuoco 8 Simple Rules

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Kaley is most well known these days for her role on The Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s love interest, Penny; she is married to Karl Cook, whom she married in 2018 after divorcing her previous husband.

Kaley has also appeared in films such as Why Him? and Cougar Club, and apparently loves cooking and being a housewife to her husband, Karl.


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Kerry Hennessy (Amy Davidson)

Kerry – or ‘Care Bear’ – was the intelligent and moody sister to Bridget’s blonde bombshell, and was often found in her sister’s shadow. She could be found being angry and pessimistic in various corners of the Hennessy household.

After their father’s death, Kerry tries to be a nicer person and be more positive.

Amy Davidson 8 Simple Rules

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Amy was actually already an adult when she portrayed the middle Hennessy child; now almost 40 years old, Amy has appeared in various TV shows such as Better Call Saul, Bones and CSI. 

Amy is happily married to actor Kacy Lockwood, and she had their first child together in 2016, posting pregnancy pictures on social media.


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