Remember Connie Talbot From Britains Got Talent? This Is What She Looks Like Now!

By Gabby

1st March 2019

No doubt we’ve seen our fair share of talent on this show – from singers who make us swoon, to dancers who can pop and lock like their life depends on it. There’s nothing we haven’t seen on Britain’s Got Talent. Here’s what your favourite Britain’s Got Talent contestants look like now!

Aidan Davis – THEN

You can’t forget this cutie’s face, especially with a smile which wowed millions! Aidan was 11 years old when he auditioned in 2009, and in the pre-audition interview with Ant and Dec, revealed that he was self-taught in dance! Impressive or what?

Simon didn’t look convinced when Aidan’s answers to why he was on the show was as simple as “because I like dancing” but all that changed when Flo Rida’s ‘Low’ came on. Aidan’s moves were as smooth as butter, that much we can all agree on!

Aidan came 5th and went on the official Britain’s Got Talent tour. In 2012, he released his first single called ‘Let’s Dance’ (fitting, we know). Since then, he’s released an EP, become an uncle and done some hardcore training in the gym.

Aidan Davis – NOW

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