By Juliet Smith

19th March 2019

We don’t mean to remind you of your age, but Macaulay Culkin is now 38 years old (WE KNOW!)…

Most people have one of two images of the once-child star in their minds – it’s of him as a kid, frozen in time back in the ’90s, screaming in pain as he slaps his dad’s aftershave on his face or it’s of the gaunt, rail-thin, tabloid-headlining Mac of 2012 (we’ve ALL seen that photo)….

From wide-eyed child to tired-looking adult, who is the real Macaulay Culkin behind the headlines? Here’s his story from the beginning…

Acting was in his blood – his dad was in Broadway…

Raised by unmarried father, Kit, and mother, Patricia, Macaulay was always destined for stardom. His aunt, Bonnie Bedelia, was an actress and his dad was a Broadway star.

Image Source

With a background of acting in the family, Macaulay started to appear on stage as young as four years old. Isn’t he adorable!?

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