By Ciara

11th March 2019

Paddy McGuinness is at war with Holly Willoughby to become the UK’s biggest television presenter, now he has signed up to ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Celebrity Juice’.

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The ‘Take Me Out’ host has recently signed up to co-present ‘Top Gear’ and is set to be one of the team captains on ‘Celebrity Juice’ alongside the blonde beauty, but his ambition doesn’t stop there as he wants to keep grabbing new jobs in order to land more screen time than the ‘This Morning’ and ‘Dancing On Ice’ star.

He told the Daily Star newspaper:

“I’m trying to get one up on Holly. I’m trying to break her record for one person doing the most shows on telly.

“We’re already competing – so when she got the ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ gig last year I was devastated! I have got quite a few to go to catch up with her.”

Paddy – who has twins Penelope and Leo, five, and daughter Felicity, two, with wife Christine – may be hoping that more jobs on the box leads to his family being impressed as he admitted barely any of his loved ones reacted when he landed the ‘Top Gear’ job.

He said:

“We never really talk about it. I get the odd message from my auntie when she’s seen me on something, but no-one really cares to be honest.

“It’s a bit odd. I think I got just one text message when I got the ‘Top Gear’ job and that was it.”

The 45-year-old star previously spoke of his excitement at landing the ‘Celebrity Juice’ job because he has such a “natural rapport” with Holly and a close friendship with host Keith Lemon.

He said:

“I was a guest on the first ever episode and I’ve done every series since so I’ve always felt like part of the Juice family. Keith’s one of my best mates, I love Holly and we all have a natural rapport. I’m looking forward to the chaos!”

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