By Ciara

25th March 2019

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are “definitely” not making another reality show together because they want to keep their relationship private now.

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The couple got together on ‘Love Island’ last year and after winning the programme, landed their own spin-off, ‘Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island’, but following a brief split in December, they now want to keep their romance “personal”.

Dani said:

“We’re now trying to keep things personal, because that’s how things last. We’re definitely not doing another show.

“We’d prefer to enjoy each other privately, rather than parading it constantly.

“We were still learning about each other – we still are. We moved in, we did a show together and it was constant. It didn’t really give us time to bond on our own. I didn’t like it when we were arguing – with relationships, you want to bring out the best in each other and we were bringing out the worst. So you just end up being miserable around each other.”

And the 23-year-old star revealed she and Jack are no longer living together in order to “slowly” rebuild their romance.

She told Fabulous magazine:

“Jack didn’t want to live in Essex and I didn’t want to live in south London so we thought we’d both get our own places and live between them.

“We’re building [the relationship] back up slowly. We’d both moved out of our areas and to Wapping together, where we had none of our home comforts.

“It’s nice to have my own company sometimes. I can watch what I want – when Jack’s there, he puts all these bird programmes on. When we buy a house, then we can decide where to live, but for the time being we’ve got to grow.”

Dani admitted her relationship with the former stationery salesman moved too quickly because of their stint on ‘Love Island’.

She said:

“It was really mad. My nan was like: ‘You’ve only been together six months!’ That’s not normal for a relationship.”

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