By Kirsty Bachor

22nd March 2019

Khloé, one of our favs of the Kardashian bunch, began life as an awkward, black-haired beauty who appeared in a certain reality TV program. We watched her transformation into a blonde super queen, and although she’s come out the other side with her looks, cash and beautiful baby girl, it wasn’t without its difficulties.

1984: Khloé Was Born To Kris And Robert Kardashian

She became part of the clan with her two older sisters, Kourtney and Kim, and younger brother Rob was to follow. Ten years after she was born, Khloé’s father gained fame for defending O.J. Simpson during his murder trial.

Following her parents’ divorce, Khloé gained half sisters Kendall and Kylie when Kris married (then) Bruce Jenner.

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