By Olivia Morris

21st March 2019

It’s always fascinating to see behind the glimmering curtain of fame, isn’t it? Celebrities are so hush-hush when it comes to their private lives (and really, we can hardly blame them)!

But when it comes to their houses, it’s hard to keep it on the down-low… especially when you’re Orlando Bloom.

The actor – famous for roles in blockbusters The Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean – recently listed his bachelor pad for sale. It’s not a mystery as to why: Bloom’s getting hitched to fellow celebrity, and singer-songwriter, Katy Perry.

Well… fine, fine. But what’s the apartment like? We know you’re desperate to find out…

It’s on sale right now!

The luxurious bachelor pad of the famous actor was listed for sale on the 19th March. It comes after his recent engagement to Katy Perry.

You’ll find it in Beverley Hills, on the sought-after street ‘Billionaire’s Row’. The apartment costs a whopping $8,999,000. Phew! Do you have that amount of cash to spare? We sure don’t.

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