By Ciara

13th March 2019

Gather round me lads and lassies. St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate the country that gave us Guinness, baileys, soda bread and – of course – Jedward. But what it’s all seriously about is… erm… oh, who knows? It’s time to drink some (obscene) amounts of beer, dress up in a ridiculous outfit and tell everyone you’re actually 1/56th Irish – don’t ye know!

With St. Paddy’s day being celebrated all over the world, some of our fellow leprechauns do sometimes take the celebrations a little too far…but who can blame them, drinking is what the Irish are good at? Yes?

So, with that in mind, throw on some B*witched, dance an Irish jig and enjoy/prepare for your own Paddy’s Day celebrations…

Top of the morning to ya

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Around 13 million pints of Guinness are estimated to be sold worldwide on March 17th, which by the looks of things, this guy drank most of.

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Dublin the fun

Where better to be than temple bar in Dublin?The one and only place to be. This looks like the perfect place to spend the big day. Maybe we should look at flights…

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