By Lucy Cooper

19th March 2019

In this day and age, someone with a bit of a following on Insta or Youtube are considered a ‘celeb’. You might not have heard of them yourself (yet), but each of them have a pretty decent following of ‘fans’ behind them on social media, for one reason or another.

See if you recognise any of these ‘influencers’ (anyone else cringe at the word?), who are currently studying at Unis across the country, alongside filming and taking selfies of themselves in their uni digs, to share to the masses…

Ruby Granger – Exeter University

She’s known for ‘StudyTubing’- a relatively new style of ‘vlogging’ while you work- two birds, one stone as they say. She studies Philosophy and Theology at Exeter and shares her journey with 60.5k Insta followers and 300k on Youtube.

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Grace Beverley – Oxford University

Perhaps one of the most popular Youtubers of her generation, she has a mega online presence under the handle ‘GracefitUK’. Off the back of this she has built her own fitness brand, releasing resistance bands and fit guides, all whilst studying Music at Oxford. She’s certainly using her following to her advantage and doing them good, unlike a lot of ‘influencers’.

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