By Juliet Smith

7th March 2019

Instagram’s most glamorous celebs fret over snapping that perfect shot (of themselves, of course) – but all the while demonstrate a distinct disregard for the grubby state of their horrifically messy homes.

OK – so household chores really are the pits, but HELLO – you’ve got all that spare cash flying around, if there’s anyone who doesn’t have an excuse for living like a complete and utter slob it’s got to be wealthy celebrities, right?

We’re not just talking the odd spec of dust, we’re talking dirty knickers and filthy ashtrays, unwashed pots and mucky carpets… if you’re a clean freak – look away now.

10. Miley Cyrus

When it comes to snapping a selfie, the first tip is to find some good lighting. The second is to clean your room before you capture those week-old dirty knickers lying about on the floor: a lesson Miley Cyrus found out about the hard way.

Inside her house…

UP NEXT: Which star learned how to perfect the selfie but never learned how to fold up her clothes…?


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