Did You Know That The Shape And Color Of Your Poop Reveals Your Health Condition? Check It Out!

By Claire

12th March 2019

Taking perfect care of yourself is difficult. I’m sure most people feel that a little more exercise, a little less sugary treats, and less fast food would do them good.  After all, if we can barely manage the treadmill how can live long and healthy to fend off death until the last possible moment?

1. Green

This color is often caused by the consumption of vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll, or because of something you’ve drunk. Drinks with green food coloring could do the trick. In some cases, it could be a result of taking iron supplements. Not too worrisome.


2. Yellow

Yellow has a few options as the reason. One option is due to blocked bile ducts and poor fat absorption.

Another possibility is a lack of pancreatic enzymes. This can indicate chronic pancreatitis, celiac disease, and cystic fibrosis.

But don’t panic if it’s a one time deal. It is possible that you ate too many carrots or drank something with strong yellow food coloring in it.

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