By Juliet Smith

27th March 2019

Oh to be young, attractive and ultra rich…

Don’t worry – we’re not talking about those rich kids who’ve inherited all their parents wealth (we’ve all seen My Sweet Sixteenth, right?!). We’re talking about self-made, hard-working young celebs who’ve grafted for their millions (ok – maybe with a little help from their often famous mothers and fathers but you know what we mean).

Here are 20 A-listers who made their first million in their teen years and have continued to do pretty well since – prepare to feel old (and poor)…

20. Willow Smith – $4 million

Willow might not be at the top of the rich list, but who cares about number one spot when your household income is in the millions?!

Image Source

Thanks to a plethora of parts in blockbuster movies and singles along the way, 18 year old Willow is rolling it in…

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