By Carole Taylor

10th March 2019

When we sit down to watch Coronation Street, we can sometimes get  swept away with a particularly gripping storyline.  I have to nudge myself to remember that the couples in it aren’t in actual relationships, only soap ones.  Check out your favourite Corrie character with their real life partners.

David Platt & Shona Ramsey

David had been struggling with life after losing his beloved wife, Kylie, who had been stabbed in the middle of the street.  He couldn’t get over her death and was an angry young man.  He was juggling looking after Max and Lily with doing perms and blue rinses in the salon.  The light at the end of the tunnel was Shona, the woman who understood him and brought him back to his funny, obnoxious ways.  They fell in love and Shona moved in with him – that house must have been bulging at the seams!  There has been a little bit of tension as Shona’s son, Clayton was the one who murdered Kylie and Clayton’s name is banned from the Platt household, obviously.

Jack P. Shepherd (David Platt) & Hanni Treweek

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