By Juliet Smith

15th March 2019

Celeb doppelgangers have the ability to completely blow our minds every single time we see them. It’s not just a regular person who looks like another regular person – we’re talking about REAL LIFE celebs, who look the spitting image of another REAL LIFE celeb – what are the chances, ey?

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve searched far and wide into the mysterious realm of celebrity lookalikes to bring you the most astounding, shocking, uncanny celeb doppelgangers of all time…

Surely, there must be secret celebrity cloning machine out there somewhere?

20. Liam Hemsworth

Are we dreaming or is there a forth, long lost Hemsworth brother that we never knew about? Nope, it’s just pro tennis player Karen Khachanov…

Image Source

And Karen Khachanov

Image Source

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