By Georgia Keenan

14th March 2019

The sun is shining (sort of), spring is in the air and the dreaded winter is finally disappearing, which can only mean one thing: it’s almost that time of year again where everyone becomes obsessed with carving out the perfect bikini bod!

What better motivation to lose the few pounds we gained through bingeing on Christmas selection boxes all the way through January (and Feb, let’s be honest) than taking a look at some of our fave celebs who went through some phenomenal weight loss transformations? Ladies and gents, prepare to be shook…

1. Melissa McCarthy Downsized By 75 Pounds For A Movie!

Remember the 2015 comedy/action movie Spy? Well, since it involved a lot of you know, action,  from the get-go, the casting team encouraged Melissa McCarthy to lose some weight before filming started. Look how glam she is now…

Take a look at what daily exercise and a varied, but balanced diet did for Melissa!

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