By Ciara

11th February 2019

Wes Nelson misses sex with ex-girlfriend Megan Barton Hanson, but insists he’ll stay “sex-free” until after ‘Dancing on Ice’.

The ‘Love Island’ couple split last month after Megan accused Wes’ ‘Dancing on Ice’ professional partner Vanessa Bauer of tactically breaking up with her own boyfriend in order to cause romance rumours between her and Wes.

And now, the 20-year-old hunk has said he misses their “very healthy” sex life, but insists he’s staying “sex-free for now” so he can focus on training for the ITV ice dancing competition.

He said:

“Do I miss the sex? Of course. Anyone who watched ‘Love Island’ would know our sex life would not struggle. It was ¬≠second to none. Our sex life remained very healthy throughout.

“But am I begging for it? No. I am happy training and being sex-free for now.”

Wes also admits he understands why Megan, 24, was upset about his long training hours with Vanessa, but hinted their drama distracted him from his performances.

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