By Emma Moylan

7th February 2019

Rumour has it, if you shout “WHAT TEAM?” wherever Zac Efron is he will uncontrollably shout back “WILDCATS!”

A love story to last throughout the ages, High School Musical relayed the tale of two teenagers manoeuvring their way through the social cliques, love and rejection that high school thrusts on to teens daily. How would this not be a success?

We’ve all waited 12 years to sing karaoke in a ski chalet on New Years Eve with a mystery dream hunk, but in reality…our only karaoke experience is after a few drinks on girls night out. Sigh…

Nevertheless, the film taught us 2 ways to be successful in life:

  1. Do not stick to the status quo.
  2. Bop, Bop, Bop. Bop to the Top.

Now most of the cast are in their 30s (I know, we feel practically antique), what happened after they graduated East High and ventured into the big wide world?

Did Zeke go into baking? Did Martha get to pop, lock jam and break? Remember the guy who just wanted to play the cello? You might not want to see what happened to him…

Oleysya Rulin (Kelsi Nielsen) – Then

A shy and nerdy pianist who was a minor character, but a key part in the film. Pushed around by Sharpay, she just wanted the musical she had written to be performed by Troy and Gabriella. Kelsi was the only alarmed at Ryan and Sharpay singing love songs together… In a world of Sharpay’s we need more Kelsi’s. So what is she up to today? Olesya went on to co-star alongside Jessica Simpson in the film Major Movie Star. Funnily enough that’s what she became… From there, she went on to star next to Billy Ray-Cyrus and Heather Locklear in a drama Flying By and in 2014, her role as Callista Secor was announced for the Playstation Network series Powers.

Oleysya Rulin (Kelsi Nielsen) – Now

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