The Top 10 Areas Of The UK That Claim The Most Benefits

By Nick

19th February 2019

When we were younger we were told that having a job and being able to work was one of the most important things in the world.

If you had a job and worked it regularly, you could put the money you earned towards certain things, like a house or a car, maybe even a few holidays.

We were taught that money makes the world go around and that it was the end all and be all.

But know most of us are older, we know that’s nothing but lies.

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You can work a full-time job, take all the overtime you have available to you and still be struggling for money.

If you’re struggling to make enough money to live, then I suppose you’ll be panicked if something happened to you. If you were made jobless or you had an accident that made you unable to work. What would you do?

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