Peaky Blinders' Cast: The Real Life Partners!

By Juliet Smith

24th February 2019

Peaky Blinders Cast: The Real Life Partners!

We’re delving into the love lives of the Peaky Blinders cast (and hoping that Tommy Shelby is on the market)…

All’s fair in love and war; or maybe you’d rather sew a razor blade into your hat and play dirty, as the gang from the Nation’s favourite post- World War drama- the Peaky Blinders series – often do, especially when it comes to romance.

Hold tight on to your flat caps because you won’t believe what the cast‘s real life partners look like – but remember, even though the truth might hurt (yep, Cillian Murphy is taken I’m afraid, ladies) NO FIGHTING!

10. Ada Shelby (Sophie Rundle)

Ada is the only female in the Shelby family business (alongside her brothers Thomas, John, Finn and Arthur Shelby) – and that’s why we have big respect for her!

Sophie – the actress who play Ada has a pretty impressive CV – some of her more notable series include: Call the Midwife, Happy Valley, Not Safe for Work, Brief Encounters, Jamestown, Bodyguard, and many others. She just continues to deliver!

peaky blinders ada

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Like the other Shelby clan, she was raised by Aunt Polly, and in the show she was married to known Communist Freddie Thorne – but did actress Sophie end up with anyone similar to Freddie?

Details of Sophie’s love life have escaped a lot of online and media attention, but she’s taken it upon herself to help us all out and post adorable photos of her bae on her Instagram feed – and he’s a cutie!

Known only as ‘Matt’ – or, as I like to think of him, Mystery Matt – it seems they are very much in love, if her latest Valentine’s Day post is anything to go by!

Sorry we can’t give you more info on Mystery Matt – Sophie really does know how to keep the deets of her relationship shtum!

Sophie Rundle and Boyfriend Matt

9. Aberama Gold (Aidan Gillen)

He’s the dashing Romany hit-man for hire in midst of all the members of the Peaky Blinders’ cast – and, as comes with the territory, he’s known for not exactly playing by the rules (#savage). As well as money, he’s also after boxing fame for his son. Unable to resist his ruthless nature, Aunt Polly eventually ends up romantically involved with him. But who’s actor Aidan Gillen with?

Well, it certainly isn’t Shansha, we know that much. No, Aidan is in fact dating gorgeous Irish musician, vocalist and actress Camille O’Sullivan – and they make a dashing pair, wouldn’t you say?

Camille’s pretty successful in her own right – she won Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Award, was nominated for Best Irish Female Music Artist Award in the Irish Music Meteor Awards, performed at the Dublin Fringe Festival and won Best Article at the Melbourne Theatre Awards – in other words, she’s not only winning going out with the dashing Aiden.

He began dating Camille after splitting with his ex-partner back in 2014, and Aidan and Camille are still going strong. Aberama would be proud.

Aidan Gillen and Girlfriend Camille O’Sullivan

peaky blinders cast aidan and girlfriend

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8. Lizzie Stark (Natasha O’Keeffe)

Lizzie has been around the Shelby gang in more ways than one – and that’s putting it politely. She began the show as a prostitute who used her expertise on Thomas more than once, before moving on to his brother, John (it’s good to keep it in the family, of course). In her later days, she was making more of a respectable living as secretary and assistant (no, not that kind of assistant – keep your mind out of the gutter!) to Thomas Shelby.

peaky blinders lizzie

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Natasha couldn’t be further away from her character, as she is happily married to husband Dylan Edwards; they both met at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where their love story began, and now have a child together.

And remember that crazy bride from the Sherlock Christmas special who kept wandering around at night in a wedding dress? That was Natasha!

Natasha O’Keeffe and Husband Dylan Edwards

peaky blinders lizzie and husband

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7. May Carleton (Charlotte Riley)

May is the rather clichéd rich widow living alone, who has a whole mansion full of reasons to be pretty happy with her life but decides she’s bored and lonely. Okay, so maybe I can’t judge her too much on that – she did lose her husband after all…

She also has a hankering for bad boys (don’t we all?) so it only follows that she gets involved with Thomas Shelby and co.

Charlotte Riley has had a little bit more luck in her love life – okay, that’s the biggest understatement of the century when she’s married to Tom freakin’ Hardy.

The two met on the set of Wuthering Heightsas if this story couldn’t get any more romantic – and married in 2014. Their love has endured, just like Heathcliff’s and Cathy’s…

Charlotte Riley and Husband Tom Hardy

charlotte riley and husband tom hardy kissing

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6. Father John Hughes (Paddy Considine)

Why do priests always have a weird agenda in programs like this? Father John was no exception, as his grimy backstory was eventually discovered (I won’t go in to details, as I’m sure you all know what he did) and he was made to pay for what he’d done – and not in the afterlife, either.

Thomas was, unfortunately, made to work for the man in order to protect his loved ones, but it all worked out in the end – so to speak.

Paddy Considine has always been a favourite of mine since Hot Fuzz – and we’re sure his wife loves him in that movie too! Paddy has been married to Shelley since they were 18 years old – aw – and the pair always make an attempt to keep their private lives exactly that – and now I feel only a tad bit awful about plastering the info on here, but oh well.

All we know is that he and his wife, Shelley, have a son called Joseph and live in Burton together.

Shelley has helped Paddy with a lot – six years ago or so, he was diagnosed with mild Aspergers which means that he struggles with things such as eye contact, hypersensitivity to light and the thoughts that something bad would happen to his wife. Paddy revealed that Shelley helped him through this stage in his life and he is now much more relaxed during interviews. Ah, we love a happy ending!

Paddy Considine and Wife Shelley Considine

peaky blinders cast paddy and his wife at event

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5. Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill)

Campbell had a very important mission from Mr Winston Churchill himself: locate and recover a missing gun consignment from the factory of the Birmingham Small Arms Company. Easy, right?

Well, it would be if you didn’t decide to bear a grudge against the Shelby family even after you’ve found the missing guns. I can’t say there was much love for him in Peaky Blinders, so how has Sam Neill fared with romance?

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NAME: Chester Campbell TITLES: Chief Inspector (season 1) Major (season 2) AGE: between 60-65 PLACE OF BIRTH: Belfast,Ireland ALLIANCES: Scotland Yard FIRST APPEARANCE: S1: EP1 LAST APPEARANCE: S2: EP6 The Character is portrayed by Sam Neill Campbell built up a reputation in Belfast,where he was tasked of ridding the city from corruption & crime. While working in Belfast he worked with Grace Burgess father. Unlike most of the male characters in the show,Campbell didn't serve in WW1 (which we are reminded of several times in s1 & s2). It seems he has a father like relationship with Grace but we later find out that's not the case when he proposes to her. He also seems to have little respect for women as shown throughout s1 & s2. He died in S2:EP6 when Polly shoots him. He appeared in 12 episodes in total. 📷 @robertviglasky #peakyblindersfb #peakyblinders #tommyshelby #cillianmurphy #arthurshelby #johnshelby #finnshelby #inspectorcampbell #samneill #byorderofthepeakyblinders #britishtv #bbc #netflix #stevenknight #irishactor

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Apart from his famous and completely appropriate love for dinosaurs, Sam married make-up artist Noriko Watanabe back in 1989 – but it was confirmed that they separated in 2017.

Still, they’ve done better than most Hollywood couples! Sam’s current love life is a little bit of a gray area – it’s been rumoured that he’s currently dating journalist Laura Tingle (and I’m sure she gave Sam a tingle if it’s true) but he’s also been photographed kissing an ‘unknown’ woman – or, it could actually be Tingle, I’ll let you decide.

Laura’s an Australian journalist and author – currently the chief political correspondent for ABC. In short: she’s a pretty big deal.


Sam Neill and ex-Wife Noriko Watanabe

Inspector campbell and wife

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4. Grace Shelby (Annabelle Wallis)

Grace, as we know, was Burgess before she was Shelby – and we’re not at all jealous about who she hooked up with, are we guys? She was the pretty Irish barmaid, who was also secretly working for the Brummie police – and, like most stories of deceit go, Thomas was heartbroken when he discovered her betrayal. How could you do that to him, Gracie?!

Actress Annabelle appears to be somewhat of a heartbreaker herself – she’s had many conquests, and respectable ones at that. Her latest squeeze was model James Rousseau, who – unfortunately – she isn’t with anymore, and we’ve no further news on who she’s currently dating except rumours that it might just be Coldplay’s Chris Martin… But I’d guess that James is pretty hard to beat!

James (the now face a Miu Miu) was scouted for modelling as a teenager whilst he was involved in the music industry – he began modelling in school while he secured some top grades to qualify for university. He’s now appeared for Exte, Yves Saint Laurent, Cerruti Jeans, Hugo Boss amongst many others! 
FUN FACT: The model is a descendent of Jean Jacques Rousseau: philosopher whose writings influenced the French Revolution (don’t worry – we didn’t know him either!).

Annabelle Wallis and ex-Boyfriend James Rousseau

peaky blinders cast anabelle and husband at event

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3. Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody)

Luca inherited a vendetta against the Shelbys from his New York mafioso father, and was the leader of the Changretta mob with a cool neck tattoo. Because are you even badass if you don’t have visible tattoos?

The reason for Luca’s coming to Birmingham was to be best man at his cousin’s wedding – which actually makes him now seem a little sweeter than his reputation would have us think!

Brody’s never actually been married (I volunteer as tribute) but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his fair share of success with the ladies: he’s dated a music industry assistant and a Spanish actress, but most recently he has been seen with current girlfriend, model Lara Leito, who’s quite a few years his junior – but who even cares? Love is love.

Lara is of Russian descent and according to the Radio Times, she first met the actor in Cannes during the film festival.

Adrien Brody and Girlfriend Lara Leito

peaky blinders cast adrien and girlfriend lara

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2. Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory)

Our favourite Aunt has got quite the resumé – and quite the fashion goals, in my opinion. She’s the matriarch of the Shelby gang, their treasurer, certified accountant, unofficial head… Need I go on?

She caught the attention of criminal Aberama Gold, but she also captured our hearts too – the show wouldn’t be the same without her, and a strong female lead is always a win in my book.

Helen McCrory – Draco’s yummy mummy in the Harry Potter films – is happily married to actor and stud muffin Damian Lewis, and has been for quite some time.

You know Damian Lewis, don’t you?! Yep, that’s the one – he’s been in Homeland, Billions, Wolf Hall, Romeo and Juliet and Phineas and Ferb (amongst MANY other roles). If you thought his wife had played a fair few roles – Damien’s got an extensive CV to say the least.

The pair have been married since 2007 and they have two children together, living happily in North London, presumably in a house that I could only dream of affording.

Helen McCrory and Husband Damian Lewis

1. Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy)

Thomas is probably the most boring and unattractive of the Peaky Blinders cast – and of course I’m kidding, because Thomas Shelby is our Lord and Saviour and Cillian Murphy even more so.

He’s the leader of the pack, the most peaky of the Peakies, and a man set on a mission to help his family move further up in the world. His conquests throughout the show are more than one, but, of course, the biggest is the audience itself …

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So, who’s the lucky lady who has Cillian all to herself? Why, it’s his wife Yvonne McGuiness: an Irish visual artist who gained an MA from the Royal College of Art in London.

According the Yvonne’s website:

‘Her practice encompasses, performance, film, writing and sculptural elements and costume. Mc Guinness has an interest in embodied experience of place and belonging by staging live, public, interventions and performances which create surreal and dynamic moments of interaction and connection to place, time and communities.  

Cillian and Yvonne’s story began in 1996 when they met at one of Murphy’s rock band shows; they now live in Ireland with their children.

Cillian Murphy and Wife Yvonne McGuiness

cillian murphy and wife yvonne

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Peaky Blinders season five – produced by Caryn Mandabach – is on its way to our screens, bringing a whole host of fresh new faces (and there respective real life partners) – we don’t know how we’ll live without Alfie Solomons though! Rumour has it that we will see David Beckham making a cameo appearance too (that make ease the pain a bit)…

Some of the favourite faces are sticking around too – we’ll be seeing more of Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy) and Bonnie Gold (Jack Rowan), Michael Gray (Finn Cole) and Arthur Selby sr. (Paul Anderson).

If you enjoyed having a nosy in to the lives of this cast, check out who the cast of Line Of Duty are dating in ‘real life’ here!

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