By Georgia Keenan

28th February 2019

A long distance relationship with someone you met at work and a family that can’t help but get involved in your personal affairs might not scream ”fairy-tale romance” but for Gavin and Stacey, it all worked out…in the end anyway!

Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since our fave British sitcom came to an end? Us neither! But we think now is a perfect time to check in and see what the cast are up to now and (most importantly!) who they’re dating. Prepare to be shook…

1. Ruth Smith (Sheridan Smith)

Remember Smithy’s slightly (okay, very) chavy sister Ruth A.K.A. Rudi, who pinched her brothers nickname while he wasn’t around? Duh, of course you do! The character may have only made a handful of appearances throughout the show, but her childish nature and argumentative relationship with her older brother is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

As for her love life, well that’s a completely different story. If you remember back in series three, Rudi got into an argument with a girl who accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend on the fire escape. Rudi at first denied the allegations before admitting to Gavin that she had been with the girl’s bf. Yikes…

IRL, actress Sheridan Smith hasn’t had the easiest time finding love and after multiple failed relationships she finally swiped right (literally!) and found the man of her dreams on Tinder!

28-year-old insurance broker Jamie Horn is the lucky lad who is currently dating the Gavin and Stacey actress, and despite the eight year age gap, the pair seem to be doing well – so much so, that Horn popped the question just three months after they first met!

Sheridan Smith & (Fiance) Jamie Horn…

Up next is the legendary Uncle Bryn!

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