The Real Life Partners Of The Gavin And Stacey Cast!

By Lewis Thelwell

28th February 2019

Gavin And Stacey Cast: Real Life Partners…

We know, it’s hard to believe that Nessa and Smithy aren’t really a thing in real life *cries* – here are the Gavin and Stacey Cast’s real life romances…

A long distance relationship with someone you met at work and a family that can’t help but get involved in your personal affairs might not scream ”fairy-tale romance” but for Gavin and Stacey, it all worked out…in the end anyway!

Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since our fave British sitcom came to an end? Us neither! But we think now is a perfect time to check in and see what the cast are up to now and (most importantly!) who they’re dating. Prepare to be shook…

1. Ruth Smith (Sheridan Smith)

Remember Smithy’s slightly (okay, very) chavy sister Ruth A.K.A. Rudi Smith, who pinched her brother’s nickname while he wasn’t around? Duh, of course you do! The character may have only made a handful of appearances throughout the TV shows, but her childish nature and argumentative relationship with her older brother is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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As for her love life, well that’s a completely different story. If you remember back in series three, Rudi got into an argument with a girl who accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend on the fire escape. Rudi at first denied the allegations before admitting to Gavin that she had been with the girl’s bf. Yikes…

IRL, actress Sheridan Smith hasn’t had the easiest time finding love and after multiple failed relationships she finally swiped right (literally!) and found the man of her dreams on Tinder!

28-year-old insurance broker Jamie Horn is the lucky lad who is currently dating the Gavin and Stacey actress, and despite the eight year age gap, the pair seem to be doing well – so much so, that Horn popped the question just three months after they first met!

Sheridan Smith & (Fiance) Jamie Horn…

gavin and stacey cast sheridan smith

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2. Uncle Bryn (Rob Brydon)

Stacey and Jason’s uncle Bryn West (married to Gwen West, Melanie Walters) became a father figure to the children after their real father passed away suddenly and was a constant support for his sister-in-law, Gwen. Despite his odd, and occasionally overbearing nature Bryn was perhaps the most well-loved character in the series on account of his loyalty to his friends and family.

While we will never find out what went on during that fishing trip with Jason, we can tell you all about actor Rob Brydon’s love life…

The award-winning star met TV producer Claire Holland when they were both working on The South Bank Show in the early ’00s and in 2006, the pair tied the knot! They have since welcomed two sons, Tom and George and frequently link arms at red carpet events.

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Rob Brydon & (Wife) Claire Holland…

gavin and stacey cast 3

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3. Nessa (Ruth Jones)

Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins, or commonly known as Stacey’s best friend Nessa from Barry, took on a series of small jobs in order to make ends meet after finding out she was pregnant with Smithy’s child. Over the course of the show we saw her go from working at the local arcade, exchanging ”fortunes” for cash and even earning some extra money as a street performer – oh and her (slightly odd) relationship with Dave Coaches.

In case you didn’t know, Ruth Jones was a co-writer on the show so it’s perhaps no wonder that she gave herself such an intriguing and mysterious character, but fortunately for us her real life is much easier to dig into!

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Her on screen character might not have found lasting love, but Ruth Jones has been in a committed relationship with producer David Peet for over two decades after first meeting him in a comedy series she was starring in. Unfortunately things weren’t as easy as falling in love and riding off into the sunset because it turned out David was married with three kids!

Eventually David and his wife called it a day and in 1999, Ruth finally married the man of her dreams – though she is still ashamed about how their relationship began.

Ruth Jones & (Husband) David Peet…

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4. Pam Shipman (Alison Steadman)

Pamela ”Pam” Shipman was the proud and doting mother of Gavin, or as she liked to call him her ”Little Prince” – it says it all really, doesn’t it? Her maternal instinct extended to Gavin’s best friend Smithy who she took great pleasure in treating as her own son.

But the most notable part of Pam’s character was that even after years of marriage, her relationship with her hubby Mick Shipman, seemed to be just as strong as some newlyweds which got us wondering: has Alison Steadman been lucky enough to bag herself a real life ”Mick”?

Back in 1973, Alison settled down with critically acclaimed writer Mike Leigh, but after being married for over twenty years and having two children together, the pair parted ways for good.

For a few years, the couple lived separated but when the actress re-partnered with fellow actor Michael (are you seeing a theme yet?) Elwyn, they finally filed for a divorce which was finalised in 2001. They might not make regular public appearances, or post pics on social media but the duo are doing well.

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Alison Steadman & (Partner) Michael Elwyn…

gavin and stacey cast 5

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5. Dawn Sutcliffe (Julia Davis)

Call me dramatic, but I’m pretty sure I got whiplash from just watching the train wreck that was Dawn and Pete Sutcliffe’s (Adrian Scarborough) relationship. On the off chance that you’ve somehow erased this disastrous marriage from your memory bank (unlikely) here’s a the low down: one minute these two were at each others’ throats, calling each other names and threatening divorce (probably for the best tbh) and the next they were all over each other – literally!

The good news is, Julia Davis has a much healthier relationship with her man in real life! The comedic actress has been in a relationship with Mindhorn and A Field In England star, Julian Barratt! Unlike Pete and Dawn, these two are always smiling and are more than happy to pack on the PDA.

In 2007, the loved-up pair welcomed twin sons, Walter and Arthur Barratt.

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Julia Davis & (Husband) Julian Barratt…

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6. Smithy (James Corden)

Gavin’s needy best mate Smithy was forever turning up on the Shipman’s doorstep looking to spend time with his pal (or bag himself a free meal courtesy of Pam!) and like Ruth Jones, actor James Corden was a co-writer on the show!

Smithy’s problems in the series all started after he cheated on his teenage girlfriend Lucy, with Nessa which resulted in a surprise pregnancy. Oops.

Even though it seemed like a nightmare at the time, the anticipation of baby Neil bonded Gavin and Stacey’s families and even resulted in the title couple getting back together!

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Fortunately James Corden’s real love life has been pretty much plain sailing since he met the love of his life, TV producer Julia Carey back in 2009 at an event for Save The Children. According to Corden, it was love at first sight. Aww!

The couple have now been married for seven years and are the proud parents of Carey, Max and Charlotte.

James Corden & (Wife) Julia Carey…

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7. Gavin Shipman (Matthew Horne)

Gavin ”Gav” Shipman was the only child of Pamela and Mick, but despite being spoiled by his over-protective mother, he grew up to become a well-rounded and caring individual. After meeting Stacey through his work, Gavin did everything he could to make their relationship work which included accepting a promotion in Barry after accepting that his new wife was unhappy in Essex.

While his on screen character is no stranger to public displays of affection, even the ones that turn horribly wrong (like his proposal at the train station!), actor Matthew Horne prefers to keep his love life completely private.

But despite his best efforts (and his lack of social media posts!), we now know that he and his girlfriend, actress Evelyn Hoskins are preparing to tie the knot. Don’t hold your breath for a wedding invite though, some sources suggest the couple may have already gotten hitched in secret but for now nothing has been confirmed.

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Matthew Horne & (Fiance) Evelyn Hoskins…

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8. Stacey Shipman (Joanna Page)

What better way to round off our list that with the leading lady herself? Stacey Shipman fell for Gavin over the phone and allowed herself to get swept up in a fairy-tale (sort of) romance which led her down the aisle a few short months later. Of course, what she failed to tell him at the time was that she had already been engaged…five times. Lying to her man almost cost her her relationship, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

Joanna Page has been happily married to Emmerdale, Between The Sheets and The Palace actor James Thornton since December 2003, and together the couple have three adorable children. Their most recent arrival, baby Noah was born in 2016, but he might not be the final addition to the family as the couple have been very vocal about their desire for a large family!

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Joanna Page & (Husband) James Thornton…

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