By Georgia Keenan

27th February 2019

Chalet Girl Cast: Then And Now

It was THE romantic comedy – it had it all: a ski resort; chalets in the Alps and Ed Westwick. This is what the Chalet Girl cast look like almost a decade on.

Georgie (Tamsin Egerton) – THEN

Kim first met fellow Chalet Girl Georgie, when the experienced worker was sent to show her the ropes upon her arrival, but after realising that the newcomer wasn’t experienced with life in the Alps and nor was she posh, Georgie took little interest in helping Kim. Following a rocky start the pair formed a strong friendship.

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After being a member of the Chalet Girl cast, actress Tamsin Egerton went on to appear in Love, Rosie, but since starring alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in 2016’s Grimsby, the actress has put her career on the back burner in order to focus on raising her family.

Tamsin Egerton (Georgie) – NOW

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Nigel (Nicholas Braun) – THEN

Remember Jonny’s brother Nigel? Yeah, we thought you might! After all, he was one of the most popular supporting characters from the film due to his good looks and impeccable sense of fashion

Nigel THEN Chalet Girl Cast

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Nicholas decided to return to his horror roots and wound up starring in The Stanford Prison Experiment and Poltergeist.

These days he is a main cast member for the satirical comedy series Succession and is set to appear in the upcoming American drama film, Zola.

Nicholas Braun (Nigel) – NOW


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Chloe (Sophia Bush) – THEN

You remember Chloe don’t you? Duh, of course you do! How could we ever forget the girl who stood in the way of Kim’s dream relationship with Jonny?!

Unbeknown to Chloe, her man wasn’t as invested in their upcoming wedding as she was and he chose their engagement party to tell her that he no longer wanted to get married.

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IRL, it feels like Sophia Bush has been an almost permanent fixture on our screens. In the past few years the actress has starred in One Tree Hill, Partners, Incredibles 2 and Acts Of Violence!

Sophia Bush (Chloe) – NOW


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Bill (Bill Bailey) – THEN

Bill is Kim’s dad who is still grieving over the loss of his wife and Kim’s mother in a car accident.

We don’t see him do much in the movie, but he is the one who tells Kim to stay, enter the snowboarding competition, and try and win the prize money rather than coming home, as that is what her mother would have wanted! Pass us the tissues…

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Nowadays, Bill is focusing on his comedy career and has recently toured New Zealand with his show The Earl of Whimsy.

Did you know that he is also a musician? He can play piano, guitar and has perfect pitch. Something which only happens to 1 in 10,000 of us apparently! He uses his musical abilities to help others; he is the patron of the charity, Music House for Children, alongside Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Bill Bailey (Bill) – NOW

Bill NOW Chalet Girl Cast

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Caroline (Brooke Shields) – THEN

Jonny’s mother Caroline was a stereotypical posh mother who only cared about how her family (and more so, herself) would be perceived by those around them. She was obnoxious, rude to the staff and threatened to destroy Kim and Jonny’s relationship from the very beginning!

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Thankfully, actress and former model Brooke Shields is nothing like her on screen character and in real life she spends much of her time working alongside charities and promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to spot Shields on TV shows rather than in box office movies and over the past few years she has made guest appearances on Scream Queens and Jane The Virgin. 

Brooke Shields (Caroline) – NOW



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Richard (Bill Nighy) – THEN

In complete contrast to Caroline, Richard only wanted what was best for his family and even after finding out that Jonny was planning to cancel his engagement, he did everything he could to calm his wife.

He accepted Kim into his family with open arms, despite Caroline’s misgivings about her not being good enough for their son.

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Being the high profile actor that he is, it’s no surprise that Bill Nighy has continued to expand on his successful acting career by appearing in Total RecallFrankenstein and lets not forget his upcoming role in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu!

Bill Nighy (Richard) – NOW

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Jonny (Ed Westwick) – THEN

Sparks between Jonny and Kim flew almost instantly, but instead of shutting down any chance of a relationship, Jonny hired Kim to teach him the ropes as he was learning to snowboard which resulted in steamy night of passion before he called off his wedding.

Even after Kim found out about his secret engagement, Jonny still somehow managed to win her over and the pair ended up together in the end.

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It seems that after Chalet Girl, Ed Westwick got a taste for drama filled romances and in 2013 the actor starred in Romeo & Juliet as Tybalt. However, his most memorable role is as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.

Westwick’s most recent appearance was in 2017, when he starred as Vincent Swan in the BBC comedy series White Gold. 

Ed Westwick (Jonny) – NOW

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Kim (Felicity Jones) – THEN

Our leading lady Felicity Jones took on the role of tomboy Kim Matthews, a former skateboarding champion who was stuck in a dead end job trying to support her father. Things changed almost overnight when she was offered a catering position in St Anton, which introduced her to the world of snowboarding…

Unfortunately being a champion skateboarder didn’t make learning snowboarding any easier but her determination to win the jackpot prize at the big, end-of-season snowboarding competition encouraged her to keep trying. And the fact that Tara Dakides dropped out!

There was just one problem: Kim was falling in love with her devilishly handsome boss.

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After Chalet Girl, Felicity was met with critical acclaim for her performances in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Theory Of Everything and her Star Wars movies

Felicity Jones (Kim) – NOW

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