By Cara Dudgeon

6th February 2019

Lisa Jarmon

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Lisa is a single mom – who also takes care of her grandchildren – and was given her first ever car by Ellen. But that wasn’t all! Ellen also gave Lisa all the gifts from the ’12 Days of Giveaways’; a trip to Disneyland; and, a custom-built house! That’s some good karma which came her way, amma right? It didn’t stop there though, just you wait…

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Lisa got diagnosed with stage four breast cancer – life is SO unfair at times – so to help with her medical expenses, Ellen teamed up with Shutterfly (we all know that they go wayyy back) to give Lisa a check for $25,000!

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You can catch Lisa’s appearances on the show on Ellen’s YouTube channel: ellentube. Make sure you have your tissues at the ready though – you’ll either be crying with laughter or crying a river.

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