By Rebecca Crowe

27th February 2019

It seems like just yesterday that Eminem was stepping up to receive an Oscar for the amazing film, 8 Mile, but that was actually 17 years ago.

Like legit, I’m not joking.

This film is now old enough to legally drive, and I feel about 100 years old right now.

Stephanie Smith (Kim Basinger) – THEN

Stephanie Smith is the stereotypical white trash mum – she’s an alcoholic with a terrible taste in men, who lives in a trailer with no job and ten tonne of welfare checks. Safe to say, she’s not the best role model in the entire film. However, she does come into a big win at bingo at the end of the film, which is enough to pay her rent and seemingly reconnect with Jimmy.

In real life, Kim Basinger is a hugely credited, Oscar winning Hollywood actress, who was big before 8 Mile came along. Since then, she’s remained acting in movies, most recently joining the controversial 50 Shades franchise as Christian Grey’s ex-lover.

Kim Basinger (Stephanie Smith) – NOW

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