By Rebecca Crowe

27th February 2019

Remember The 8 Mile Cast? This Is What They Look Like Now!

It seems like just yesterday that Eminem received an Oscar for his role as Jimmy (one of the 8 Mile cast), but it was actually 17 years ago…

Like legit, I’m not joking.

This hip hop film – directed by Curtis Hanson and Scott Silver – is now old enough to legally drive, and I feel about 100 years old right now.

Stephanie Smith (Kim Basinger) – THEN

Stephanie Smith is the stereotypical bad mum – she’s an alcoholic with a terrible taste in men, who lives in a trailer with no job and ten tonne of welfare checks.

Safe to say, she’s not the best role model in the entire film. However, she does come into a big win at bingo at the end of the film, which is enough to pay her rent and seemingly reconnect with Jimmy.

In real life, Kim Basinger is a hugely credited, Oscar winning Hollywood actress, who was big before 8 Mile came along. Since then, she’s remained acting in movies, most recently joining the racy 50 Shades franchise as Christian Grey’s ex-lover.

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Kim Basinger (Stephanie Smith) – NOW

8 mile cast

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David ‘Future’ Porter (Mekhi Phifer) – THEN

As B-Rabbit’s best friend, Future is there for him every step of the way, and is the host of the infamous Shelter battles.

Despite Eminem’s character choking (pretty much literally – not great) at his first performance at the Shelter, Future doesn’t let his boy quit and even secretly signs him up for the big rap battle at the end of the film where he defeats Papa Doc.

Even though they fell out over Future’s secrecy, it all came good in the end when B-Rabbit slays it.

Back in reality, since 8 Mile, Mekhi Phifer has gone on to star in some iconic shows such as ER, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and House of Lies – and even snagged a role in YA franchise, Divergent. YAS Future!

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Mekhi Phifer (David ‘Future’ Porter) – NOW

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Cheddar Bob (Evan Jones) – THEN

Oh Cheddar Bob. I feel like everyone has a friend like this to a degree.

Like not to the degree where you accidentally set fire to house whilst your friend is still inside, or bringing a gun to a fight because you saw someone in the rival gang do it beforehand and end up shooting yourself in the leg, but the kind of friend that’s a little bit dumb, but means well and is loyal to the very end.

Evan Jones, who plays Cheddar Bob, has been consistently starring in one off episodes of a lot of popular shows, such as CSI, Brothers & Sisters, and then went on to feature in more blockbusters like the Book of Eli and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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Evan Jones (Cheddar Bob) – NOW

8 mile cast cheddar

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Wink (Eugene Byrd) – THEN

Wink was always going to end up being the smoking gun that set itself off in 8 Mile. Despite being friends with B-Rabbit, he was also friends with a lot of the Free World Crew, which you know, seems like a bit of a conflict of interest if you ask me.

But the really issue came when Wink decided to sleep with Alex in his studio, sending B-Rabbit off on one, and ultimately getting him beaten up by the Free World Crew.

Since 2002, Eugene Byrd has kept himself busy with recurring characters on Bones, Wilfred, Arrow and as a voice actor for the massively popular Lego Star Wars shows as Zander.

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Eugene Byrd – NOW

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Papa Doc (Anthony Mackie) – THEN

Oh Papa Doc, why did you let B-Rabbit go first, absolute rookie move right there. So, Papa Doc being the reigning champion that he is, and member of the Free World Crew is the clear bad guy throughout the whole film.

He’s integral to any and all clashes between B-Rabbit’s crew and in the final battle it’s made clear that actually Papa Doc went to private school and is extremely privileged – not so gangster after all.

Flashforward to today and Anthony Mackie has absolutely smashed it, securing himself as an Avenger in one of the most successful and expansive film franchises of all time – fly on Falcon you absolute beauty!

8 mile cast 3

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Anthony Mackie (Papa Doc) – NOW

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Greg Buehl (Michael Shannon) – THEN

Greg is the standard scumbag that is in any film that is set in a trailer park. His main purpose in the film seems to be sleeping with B-Rabbit’s mum, Stephanie, having a go at B-Rabbit about his job and his life, and generally being a massive *sshole.

But his top jerk move is yet to come – when he realises that Stephanie might be evicted he starts to hit her about and you can bet B-Rabbit was having none of that. He’s kicked to the curb and never seen again.

In real life, Michael Shannon is an all-around good guy who’s been in hit after hit, including the Oscar winning film, The Shape of Water, and intense drama Little Drummer Girl.

8 mile cast 4

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Michael Shannon (Greg Buehl) – NOW

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Janeane (Taryn Manning) – THEN

Oh Janeane what are you playing at. You know things aren’t going to go to plan when you have to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant to stop him from splitting up with you – and that’s exactly what she did with B-Rabbit.

But as it turns out later in the film, he didn’t actually break up with her, he just left without saying anything – at least he left her his car, that’s gotta count for something.

Nowadays, Taryn Manning is doing amazingly for herself, having scored a lead role in Netflix smash Orange is the New Black, as troubled devout Christian meth-head and all around heartbreaking head case, Pennsatucky. Doesn’t hurt that her brothers are NFL stars too (yep, those Mannings)…

8 mile cast 5

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Taryn Manning (Janeane) – NOW

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Sol George (Omar Benson Miller) – THEN

Sol George was another member of B-Rabbit’s crew, the 313 (which comes from the district of Detroit where 8 Mile is – boom trivia). In addition to destroying abandoned houses with the rest of the crew, he was also a pretty decent freestyler.

Following 8 Mile, Omar Benson Miller went on to star in some pretty big films and TV shows, including Shall We Dance with Richard Gere, CSI, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, before getting his big hit – Ballers.

Okay so the star of Ballers is for sure The Rock, but Omar has been in ever episode bar one since the show started back in 2015 – he’s come a long way!

8 mile cast 6

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Omar Benson Miller (Sol George) – NOW

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Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith (Eminem) – THEN

Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith Jr. is the lead star of the film – I mean of course he is, it’s Eminem – and we follow him as he goes from nervous wreck who can’t battle to save his live, to getting beaten up by rival gangs, to triumphing in the final big battle at the legendary Shelter.

It’s essentially an autobiography of Marshall Mathers becoming Eminem, so the story continues into real life where after picking up an Oscar for the Best Original Song, ‘Lose Yourself’, Eminem continued on rapping and writing whilst bring up his daughter Haley. Oh – and the film made $242.9 million in the box office!

Collaborating with everyone from Rihanna to Ed Sheeran, the rapper keeps coming back, headlining and smashing it time and time again – I’m convinced he’s actually invincible.

8 mile cast eminem

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Eminem (Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith) – NOW

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