By Georgia Keenan

27th February 2019

Scottish coming of age drama Gregory’s Girl, appeared on our screens back in April 1981 – feeling old yet? If not, you will be!

Unsurprisingly a lot has changed for the stars of this ever-popular football based 80’s movie, including their appearances…

On that note, join us as we uncover what the cast looks like now…

1. Dee Hepburn (Dorothy) -THEN

Dorothy was the girl who proved her worth as a football player to a sexist coach and a team full of rowdy teenage lads, which wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do in the 80’s!

She quickly became the apple of everyone’s eye. Seriously, there wasn’t a single guy on the team who didn’t have a crush on her, even though she was never really interested in anyone!

Following the success of Gregory’s Girl, Dee Hepburn received multiple job offers but turned them down due to the requirement for nudity and sexually explicit content.

These days, the former (yes, former) actress has put life in front of the camera in her rear view mirror and is now working in business development for a local company in East Kilbride, Scotland.

Dee Hepburn (Dorothy) -NOW

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