By Juliet Smith

7th February 2019

It’s been 15 whole years since Nathan and Lucas went head to head on the River Court for the very first time… just WHERE has the time gone?!

Luckily, in recent years – with thanks to our trusty Netflix – we’ve all been able to watch episode on episode of the One Tree Hill show once again, reliving our teenage years and, of course, reigniting our raging crush on heartthrob Lucas Scott.

Some of them got on the wrong side of the law; some made it big time in Hollywood; and some got ridiculously hot – but what have the rest of the cast been up to since they graduated Tree Hill High?

Antwon Taylor (Antwon Tanner) – THEN

How could we ever forget this smooth-talking ladies man who managed to woo just about every one of the show’s female characters (including Nathan’s mum, ewwww); not to mention every single female viewer – GUILTY.

But IRL it’s not women that Antwon’s been after. Not really. Back in 2009, the playaaa-playaaa-turned-outlaw pleaded guilty to selling Social Security cards and landed himself a few months in the slammer. Tut, tut.

Luckily, because of his experience in acting roles pre-OTH (he appeared in THE Coach Carter, The Wood AND Sunset Park) after being released from behind bars, Antwon bounced back, bagging himself a role in American sitcom Black Jesus.

Unfortunately, apart from that, since graduating OTH, we haven’t really seen much of the hardest working player to have ever graced the Ravens team. Oh, but apparently HE IS hosting karaoke nights…! Why not, ey?

Antwon Tanner (Antwon Taylor) – NOW

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