By Georgia Keenan

27th February 2019

Mean Girls is 15 years old – we’ll give you a second to let that sink in…You good? In spite of this soul-destroying fact, it has remained one of the most iconic films to come out of the early ’00s  and is one of the most easily quoted movies of all time!

But while we know what the main cast have gotten up to since then, not much thought is ever given to the extras who -let’s face it- were just as responsible for the film’s success. Let’s begin…

1. Jan Caruana (Emma Gerber) – THEN

Remember Emma Gerber? Duh, what am I even saying. Of course you do! But just in case your memory is a little rusty, here’s the low down on her: Emma was first introduced to us by Janis Ian who referred to her and her friends as the ”girls who eat their feelings”; but unlike the rest of the school, Em refused to bow down to self professed Queen Bee, Regina George.

In fact, at one point she even called Regina a fat*ss -to her face!!! If only everyone else had the guts to do the same thing, huh?

It’s been over a decade since we last saw Emma and we know that like us, you’ve probably been wondering what actress Jan Caruana is up to now, am I right?

Well, believe it or not Jan has been spending the past few years working as a contributing writer and story editor for TV shows like Baroness Von Sketch Show, Sunnyside and The Other Kingdom! Things are  going so well for the star that she even won the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Improviser in 2009 and 2013!

Jan Caruana (Emma Gerber) – NOW

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