By Juliet Smith

11th February 2019

You guys remember The Little Rascals, don’t you? You know, the film with all the rascals who were little (and oh so darn adorable)?

Well, if you do, we’ve gotta tell you… you’re getting pretty OLD. The film was launched all the way back in 1994 – that’s over 20 years ago now!? WHAT!?

Although we all hoped that the cast could’ve stayed small and sweet forever, they’re now full-grown adults. I mean, what’s that all about!?

Spanky (Travis Tedford) – THEN

Whether he was ruining the ballet recital or Darla and Alfalfa’s date, the lovable Travis (a.k.a. Spanky) always kept the audience laughing.

Back in the day, Spanky was BFFs with Alfalfa and the president of the ‘He-Man Woman (wumum) Hater’s Club’. OK – he might’ve been the leader of an anti-girl organisation, but there’s no denying that the little guy was unspeakably adorable. In our humble opinion, three-year old Spanky was by far our favourite character (sorry Alfalfa).

For Travis Tedford, the ’90s brought in a bunch of roles, which included A Bug’s Life, The Amanda Show and Recess – not forgetting his famous Welch Juice adverts. But the child actor later hung up his acting boots, working various jobs before settling as a marketing specialist. 

He might be older; he might be less adorable; he might’ve had other acting roles; but he’ll always be little Spanky to us.

Travis Tedford (Spanky) – NOW 

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