By Juliet Smith

11th February 2019

Where Are The Little Rascals Cast Now?

You guys remember the film with all the rascals who were little (and oh so darn adorable)? Well, where are the Little Rascals Cast now?!

Well, if you do, we’ve gotta tell you… you’re getting pretty OLD. The film was launched all the way back in 1994 – that’s over 20 years ago now!? WHAT!?

Spanky (Travis Tedford)

Whether he was ruining the ballet recital or Darla and Alfalfa’s date, the lovable Travis (a.k.a. Spanky) always kept the audience laughing.

Back in the day, Spanky was BFFs with Alfalfa and the president of the ‘He-Man Woman (wumum) Hater’s Club’. OK – he might’ve been the leader of an anti-girl organisation, but there’s no denying that the little guy was unspeakably adorable.

Spanky Travis Tedford Little Rascals Cast Now

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For Travis Tedford, the ’90s brought in a bunch of roles, which included A Bug’s Life, The Amanda Show and Recess – not forgetting his famous Welch Juice adverts. But the child actor later hung up his acting boots, working various jobs before settling as a marketing specialist. 

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Buckwheat (Ross Bagley)

Oh, Buckwheat.

We all might remember Ross for playing Buckwheat, but did you know he starred in the action movie Legend too? Not only was he on that, he teamed up with Will Smith in Independence Day as well? Still don’t recognise him? You’ll definitely remember him as Nicky on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Buckwheat Rodd Bagley Little Rascals Cast Now

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Nowadays, he’s a real estate agent in LA as well as trying his hand at DJ-ing every so often.

Now he does full-grown man things, like raising his (equally as adorable) young child.


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Waldo (Blake McIver Ewing)

He was the spoilt brat who tried to steal Alfalfa’s girl and destroy one of the greatest romances known to man. Alright, he might’ve been about three years old, but we HATED his guts.

Waldo Little Rascals Cast Now

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The bloke who played Waldo, Blake, went on to star in a load of well known films – Tarzan, Hey Arnold, Raising Helen – the list goes on and on. He might’ve ben a child star, but his career in Hollywood is definitely still going strong – he currently stars as one of the hosts of Bravo’s The People’s Couch.


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Alfalfa (Bug Hall)

Twenty five years ago, this guy sang a very squeaky version of ‘You are so Beautiful’ to his one true love – Darla – stealing the hearts of his new lady (and every single one of his viewers).

As his Instagram bio describes, Bug is ‘still a rascal… just bigger‘. The cute little guy who used to play Alfalfa is now a hubby and a dad – tying the not in Feb and welcoming his daughter nine months later. Unsurprisingly, Hall has always had work since the movie – Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, The Big Green and CSI: Miami to name a few.


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Baby’s first boat ride.

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Froggy (Jordan Warkol)

Meet Jordan Warkol: the actor who played the hoarse, funny-looking (but absolutely adorable) Froggy.

Froggy Little Rascals Cast Now

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After Little Rascals, Warkol has had a fruitful acting career appearing in series Coach, The X-Files andWalker, Texas Range amongst others.

Outside of acting, the child-star Warkol went to University and went on to be a passionate poker player – even playing in the World Series in Las Vegas!


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Stymie (Kevin Jamal Woods)

After his lucrative child-acting years, Kevin took time out from acting, enrolling in college and studying audio engineering – he also moved into the music production industry.

Stymie Little Rascals Cast Now

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Unsurprisingly he pursued a career in both comedy and music, which lead to him creating new material and posting it over his own YouTube channel – ThaRealKWoods.

He seems to have taken a step back from the limelight as of recent and now resides in Texas and works for a Marketing company.

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Butch (Sam Saletta)

Yes, Butch might’ve been ten years younger than us, but there was no way – not a chance in hell – we’d mess with the Little Rascal. For a little guy, Butch was seriously intimidating.

Butch Little Rascals Cast Now

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Both before and after the film, Jordan remained in show business, in films, TV shows and commercials through the late ’90s and 2000s – he’s been in RecessBeverly Hills 90210, King of the Hill, and Rocket Power. Yep, the former bully we all loved to hate hasn’t been short of work.

Although he rarely acts anymore, after studying jazz vocals, Saletta now works as an entertainer in LA.


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TOMORROW join me at @harvellessm for a live performance of my album, Sam Saletta EP!

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FUN FACT: He was a top-40 finalist on American Idol, but withdrew from the show after he read the contract… okaaay then.

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