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6th February 2019

Former ‘Emmerdale’ actor Adam Thomas would be prepared to join the cast of ‘Coronation Street if soap bosses created the “right character” for him.

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The former ‘Emmerdale’ star – who quit his role as Adam Barton in 2018 after nine years on the ITV show – admits he may be up for following in his brother Ryan Thomas’s footsteps on the cobbles, but he didn’t depart the Dales with the intention of doing another soap.

When asked if he would ever be tempted to join the ‘Corrie’ cast in the future, he said:

“Never say never but I didn’t leave one soap to do another soap.

“I left to get out there and try new things but if the right character came along I’d definitely jump on board.”

Adam is currently starring in new BBC daytime drama ‘Moving On’ and is to appear in new BBC drama ‘Pitching In’, but in between shooting shows he has landed a job with a property company doing up houses and selling them on.

He said:

“In between jobs, I’ve got to keep a roof over my family’s head so I’ve been working three days a week for one of my mates who’s got a property business.

“Basically I find small residential properties, do them up and sell them on. I’ve always loved anything to do with property so why not get paid for doing it!

“Acting will always be priority but I’ve got to keep busy for my own sanity if nothing else.”

Despite departing ‘Emmerdale’ last year, Adam would be keen to return to the soap at some point, but hinted he has no plans to step foot on the Dales set anytime soon because he has “so much more” to do.

He added to TV Times magazine:

“Of course, but not just yet, it’s only been a year and I feel like I’ve got so much more to learn and do.”

Adam recently revealed he had “made a fortune” working in property, and admitted it was a “great” career move for his “own sanity”.

He said:

“I’ve made a fortune. I’m in between jobs.

“I was just at home, waiting for a phone call to do an audition – I needed something to tick me over.

“I’ve got a family to support at the end of the day, so I needed some sort of income.

“It’s great for my own sanity to get out there and start working.”

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