Chocolate Bars That Don't Exist Anymore

By Angie

25th February 2019

Chocolate Bars That Don’t Exist Anymore: How Well Do You Remember Them?

We all have our favourite chocolate bars that don’t exist anymore. *breaks down into tears* I don’t care if they were only limited edition versions!

There isn’t enough love nor money in the world to replace the happiness they gave us!

You may be able to find a knock-off replacement at B&M or Home Bargains, but they will never be the same.

How many of these chocolate bars will you remember?

Milkybar Choo

Well, these were simply sensational! White chocolate mixed with varying flavours, so good.

Chocolate bars that don't exist 1

Image Source/ YouTube

Wispa Mint

Wispa actually vanished from our shelves altogether, however after Cadbury were giving plenty of resistance from the great chocolate lovers out there, they have brought back the original chocolate version. However, us mint fans are still waiting!


Chocolate bars that don't exist 2

Image Source/ GoodtoKnow

Flake Snow

The most perfect of the chocolate treats, this one was sadly discontinued a while back and shows no signs in coming back.

We ALL remember that controversy around this chocolate bar, right? OK! Magazine released the photographs of Anthea Turner’s wedding to Grant Bovey so it looked like they had a brand deal with Flake! Very sneaky (and delicious)!


Chocolate bars that don't exist 3

Image Source/ Onedabar

Dream Bar

A chocolate lovers dream! (Get it?)

They are now only sold in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


Chocolate bars that don't exist 4Image Source/ Her

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble

Dairy Milk has done so many brilliant variants of their chocolate over the years, but this mix of milk and white chocolate with a hazelnut centre was right up there with the best.

Chocolate bars that don't exist 5

Image Source/ Facebook

Galaxy Truffle Celebrations

Celebrations have never been the same since this bad boy was removed.

Chocolate Bars That Don't Exist 6

Image Source/ FivePrime

Mars Delight

Would you believe me if I told you that one of these had more calories than a Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s? Well, it’s true. It didn’t stop the thin and crispy texture from being delicious though!

Chocolate bars that don't exist 7

Image Source/ Daily Mail

Cadbury Snaps

Cadbury Snaps were so good but so dangerous. A whole box of these could get demolished without even thinking about it!

Chocolate bars that don't exist 8

Image Source/ Twitter


Mingles were the perfect chocolate treat.

Chocolate Bars that don't exist 9

Image Source/ Wikiwand

Kit Kat Senses

How were these pulled from the shelves? They were extremely delicious, but with Kinder Bueno’s on the rise, I guess people no longer needed the KitKat version.

They recently brought out mini versions! SO moreish.

Chocolate bars that don't exist 10


Image Source/ Alibaba

Fuse bar

Fuse bars were amazing, they seemed to have a bit of everything! They had bits of nut, raisins and tons of fudge pieces and all coated in chocolate.

Chocolate bars that don't exist 11

Image Source/ eBay

Double Cream

Double Cream bars were one of my favourites but Nestle decided to pull the plug on them due to a lack of sale in 2005.

Chocolate bars that don't exist 12

Image Source/ Reddit

Nuts About Caramel

Taking a step away from their usual milk chocolate bars, Cadbury’s brought out this masterpiece. It was so good they even made it into an ice cream!

Chocolate bars that don't exist 13

Image Source/ Fresh Daily

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