By Ciara

6th February 2019

Can you believe that it has been fifteen years since Cheaper by the Dozen first appeared on our screens?! Fifteen years since we marvelled over apple smears, soaking underwear in raw meat and wishing we had our very own mischievous Baker boy twinnies.

The 2003 remake of the film features some rather well-known faces that you’re bound to know; the question is: will you realise that the adults you’re so familiar with now, were the young actors you once loved as a child?!

Prepare to be educated my friends…

Jessica Baker (Liliana Mumy)- THEN

Similarly to sister Kim, Jessica is very clever and often talks about maths. Although she is similar in appearance to brother Mark, she doesn’t seem to get bullied. However, she does fight with her siblings – to the extent that Jake even put a bucket on her head! She has her twin sister Kim to watch her back though. And this is why the girls are up there with our favourite Bakers… Not only this, but the fact they co-ordinate all of their outfits made them an instant hit with us. I wonder if she looks anymore like her sister now she’s older? They were never exactly ‘identical…’

Mumy has appeared in other franchises since Cheaper by the Dozen – you may recognise her! Such as two of The Santa Clause trilogy movies, as Lucy Miller. The cheeky little girl who had a sneaky suspicion about her uncle Scott… These days she is more of a voice actor, appearing in several successful shows, that you are guaranteed to have seen!  Her voice has been used in Lilo and Stitch, Howl’s Moving Castle, and, the ‘Buddies’ franchise. You may recognise her surname, that’s because she is the daughter of fellow actor Bill Mumy – talent often runs in the blood in Hollywood!

Liliana Mumy (Jessica Baker) – NOW

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