By Lucy Cooper

6th February 2019

It’s hard to walk down the street nowadays without crossing paths with a trout pout that’s gone wrong.

I’m all for having a bit of work done if it makes you feel that little bit more confident, but when it becomes a risk to your health and- if we’re being honest- ruins your face, then it’s probably time to reassess…

But lips around the world are showing no signs of deflating anytime soon, unfortunately.

It all kicked off when Kylie Jenner got lip fillers at about the age of 13 (only Kris Jenner would let that happen). It left us all questioning if she was just really well practised at lining her lips, or if she’d actually undergone the procedure, that at the time was a bit foreign to us all. Girls around the globe started to jump on the bandwagon (and they still are), trying to mould this ideal of ‘beauty’.

But, more often than not, lip fillers can easily go the other way…

Farah Abraham- this Teen Mom had a mare

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Image SourceĀ 

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