70+ Strange Things All Women Think/Do When They Are Alone

By Angie 5 years ago

Being home alone - however - is an entirely different story, it offers an abundance of embarrassing opportunities and women are no exception when it comes to grabbing these welcoming lonesome hours by both hands, freely acting without the fear of judgement.

Hair brushes at the ready ladies...Being home alone definitely allows you the freedom to do whatever you want, even if those things are a little, shall we say...unusual.

How many of these do you do ladies?

Have you ever had an argument with someone and only after the argument was over and you were alone...

1. Practise An Argument!

...did you come up with all these amazing come backs that would have burned your opponent?

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The best way to avoid future defeat is to argue with yourself - which of course is best done when you're home alone, otherwise you're going to look really strange.

2. Look In The Fridge Repeatedly!

When you are home alone there is this overwhelming compulsion to check your fridge every five minutes.

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Even after you've established there is nothing in there you want, your brain tells you that you must go back and check again.

3. Freak Out When The Door Goes!

There is nothing more petrifying than hearing strange noises when you're home alone - when someone knocks the door it can send you over the edge.

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