40 Surprising Things People Might Encounter When Travelling To North Korea!

By Angie

8th February 2019

North Korea has been ruled by the Kim Dynasty for over seventy years, and in that time the dictator-like family has passed some bizarre laws that have made visiting the country a mine field…literally.

But since current leader Kim Jong-Un’s father passed away in 2011, the door to North Korea has been open for curious tourists!

While it’s not somewhere anyone would visit on a whim, there are still some individuals who have bravely ventured into the unknown in order to give the rest of us a better understanding of what the country is really like…

From the leaders who are revered as Gods and the nonsensical propaganda they use to hide the crippling poverty and famine that has swept the entire country; there is so much visitors should prepare themselves for before jetting off to North Korea.

On that note, join us as we take a look at 40 shocking things you might expect to encounter on your travels to this unusual location…

40. Kim Jong Il Was A Miracle Baby Who Began Walking At 3 Weeks Old…

He was 3 weeks old when he began walking, 8 weeks when he began talking and as a college student penned 1,500 books in three years!

Image Source

39. Kim Jong-Un Was Able To Drive By The Age Of 9…

At age three he was able to drive and by the age of 9, he was able to beat a foreign executive. Like father like son, eh?

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