High School Photos Of Celebs

By Angie

24th January 2019

Tip: save this article for that rainy day you are feeling lousy and crappy, it’s sure to give you that so very needed confidence boost…

Many of our school photos are buried deep in our parent’s attic because, let’s face it, no one wants to see spotty teens with dodgy hairstyles and even dodgier braces. Even though we thought fringes that covered half our faces were cool at the time, looking back, there was nothing cool/cute/sexy about those sweeping fringes…

These photos may occasionally be brought out to show “look how much they’ve grown!” which basically translates to: “Thank goodness they don’t look like that anymore!”

To make the rest of us feel a bit better, here are some school photos of celebs from before they were famous (and before they had enough money to make themselves look half decent)…

Taylor Swift

I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Well because she’s grown up now! Tay Tay (or her team) have put a bit more work into her hair and make-up since finding fame, but this photo shows they have a good base to work with!

Image Source

Kanye West

It’s hard to believe Kanye West was ever a student at school! Surely he’s always been an adult and never a child? In this photo, he looks equally familiar but also weirdly unfamiliar in his uniform and without his facial hair!

Image Source

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