By Juliet Smith

8th January 2019

Believe it or not, women do all the things men do: we swear, we shout and yes, we poo (sorry gentlemen, contrary to popular belief we don’t poop out odourless unicorn glitter).

Trust us guys, women are just as gross as men. If you don’t believe us now, you will soon…

1. Stalking is normal…right?

Relax, it’s totally legal (but yes, it’s still frowned-upon). OK, maybe we shouldn’t really call it ‘stalking’ – that sounds like we could get some kind of restraining order.

But isn’t it completely normal to be a bit ‘curious’ about what your ex-boyfriends been up to on holiday with his hot new GF? Ok so, he never took you away on holiday, but you don’t care. At all. You’re just passing a bit of time on Facebook, right? Who wouldn’t?


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