By Lewis Thelwell

11th January 2019

We all state that we do none of the cheesy, get too-comfortable and sometimes down-right cringey couple stuff…but really, we all do. And to say some of this stuff is gross would be the understatement of the year.

Would you ever pick your nose in front of your other half? (Do you say you don’t but really, when their back is turned you do?!) Do you finish each other’s sentences because you’re just so, like, happy. And, the worst of them all, do you smother PDA in front of everyone’s faces?

Whether you are guilty of any of the following or not, you cannot deny that you have caught yourself doing at least a few of the following…

Keep a count of how many of these gross things you are your partner are guilty of.

Let’s start as we mean to go on!

One of the grossest things that couples can do together is having a bath together!

Couples who bathe together…

Image Source

Can you think of anything worse than laying in each other’s grime and dirt? Ewww!

We’ve all been talking to someone and cannot take our eyes of their bulging spot.

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