By Cara Dudgeon

4th December 2018

A mere nobody who is in desperate need of money… just happen to have crackin’ good looks under their belt, just happen to have those ‘dutty wine’ hips and just happen to be spotted in the street by a prosperous club owner.

And no, this is not a plot recall of Magic Mike – stay with us – this is the revelation of how some of our favourite celebrities came from very humble beginnings indeed: shaking their tush for money, to be exact.

We all know that Magic Mike is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s stripper past, but he’s not the only celeb to have come from this down-right, fabulous profession. From Jurassic Park’s very own Chris Pratt to crazy, meat-dress wearing Lady Gaga – we have some very big names to reveal!

If you can’t fathom how Catherine Zeta-Jones went from stripping off (literally), to marrying one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs – then get yourself a cuppa, a seat and prepare to be educated…

Javier Bardem

Despite playing some of the most memorable bad guys in film history – remember him in Skyfall? – Javier Bardem has also turned his hand to stripping. He is pretty dishy, though isn’t he? Penélope Cruz must agree, as they’ve been married for eight years! Lucky lady…wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting, anyway.

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Juicy Javier

The 007 star says that it was originally a joke, which just happened to turn into a one-night-only performance. Yeah right! Speaking about the ordeal, he said:

“And you know who was there watching? My mom and my sister”.

I can think of nothing worse!

He also states that he has:

“a good relation with my family”,

I should think so!

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