Top Tips On How To Save Money This Cyber Monday

By Eloise Heath

26th November 2018

Ah, Mondays. Truly the Ringo of days of the week- nobody’s favourite. But not the 26th of November, a hot contender for spiciest Monday of the year, AKA Cyber Monday 2018.

What with Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday all being things – we bet Thursday is feeling pretty left out rn. Maybe we could dedicate Thursday to staying home signing for all our cyber Monday packages to arrive- Free Delivery Thursday, or Phree Delivery Thursday, if you’re feeling evangelical about alliteration and liberal about spelling.

Fun fact: Cyber Monday was the online world’s answer to Black Friday. But why not Saturday? Cyber Saturday has much more of a ring to it! But Cyber Monday was born in a time when many people still had dial up internet at home. You know, the olden days- feat. wagons and the plague. People preferred to do their online bargain hunting at work, where the connection was speedy and your kids weren’t waiting to get onto Club Penguin in the communal computer. But if you’re planning on do some sneaky online shopping in the office, there are tips and tricks you should be aware of…

“I don’t have much money, but boy if I did” – Elton John

First of all Elton we think you do, especially after than John Lewis Ad. Secondly, you might not need quite as much money as you’d think, with the deals popping off at John Lewis and beyond…

Google Home Smart Speaker- £79 from John Lewis

Image Source

Pick up one of these nifty smart speakers for less here. And whilst you’re at it, check out the time Burger King absolutely rinsed Google by hijacking these smart home assistants for an ad campaign…

These speakers do freak me out as I feel one day I’m going to say “Ok Google, play me some Bon Iver” in front of people, and it’ll say ‘Did you mean ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas? That’s what you normally listen to you giant poser” and everyone will know my shameful secret listening habits.

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