By Cara Dudgeon

27th November 2018

Priyanka Chopra’s name is becoming more and more famous as the years go on. You may also know her by a few other names – keep reading to find out more – and for good reason. She’s the action hero on Quantico and wears the prettiest dresses that we all lust about when scrolling on our Instagrams the morning after. Hello numerous Cinderella moments! She also recently got engaged to one of our childhood heartthrobs – a Jonas brother. Do you know which one? There’s more about the shock engagement in the article, and various facts about the actress – do you think she is good enough for our teenage crush?

1) She’s a singer

As if being an actress wasn’t enough, Chopra has also added singer to her resume.

That stare though…

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She has released three singles, the first of which being I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Who do you think that was about then? You can watch the music video here:

She knows how to pose

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Milo Ventimiglia, known for his roles in the TV shows Heroes and This Is Us, stars in the music video.

For her next two single, she collaborated with different famous faces of the music industry.

Where is the love?

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For example, she worked alongside Pitbull, as well as, best known for being in the band The Black Eyed Peas.

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