The Most Unusual McDonald's Locations In The World

By Juliet Smith

8th November 2018

McDonald’s Locations: The Most Unusual In The World

With franchises in over 120 countries, you’re almost guaranteed to get your fix wherever you are, at one of these Mcdonald’s locations. 

And there’s no denying that when we’ve been abroad, be it Spain, France or even the Middle-East, we’ve all swerved the local cuisine for a cheeky ‘Big Mac, large fries and a Mcflurry please’.

But it happens that the McDonald’s branches are not all as similar as we think. In fact, there’s a number of restaurants which subvert your expectations of the chain and offer a completely unique McDonald’s experience.

1. New Zealand: A McDonald’s on a plane?

mcdonalds locations new zealand

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We’ve all been left starving on a flight after turning down the unappealing, soggy aeroplane food. But this McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand might have found our answer! The branch has the honour of being home to a decommissioned DC-3 passenger plane – ready for take off Maccie-lovers!

2. New York, United States: Who said McDonald’s couldn’t be classy?

mcdonalds locations NYC

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Around 20 miles outside of Manhattan, you’ll find what is possibly the most sophisticated McDonald locations to ever exist.

3. New Mexico: Frying saucer!

mcdonalds locations new mexico

Image Source

If you’ve ever heard of Roswell, New Mexico, you’ll know it’s famous for its UFOs and all things extra-terrestrial. And whether you believe in aliens or not, this McDonald’s have gone one step further.

That Big Mac was (literally) out of this world!

From its very own space-suited Ronald McDonald, to a building resembling an alien aircraft, McDonald’s have gone above and beyond to pay homage to the town’s extra-terrestrial history.

4. Cuba: Even the navy need to eat!

mcdonalds locations cuba

Image Source

With a Ronald McDonald statue, yellow and red colours and self-service machines, to the untrained eye, this is your regular McDs. But it’s the location of this branch which makes it truly unique.

Located at Guantanamo Bay’s Naval Base and neighbouring a highly controversial prison camp, the exclusive Maccie D’s McNuggets can only be accessed by base personnel – lucky buggers!

5. Norway: A McDonald’s for the middle class

mcdonalds locations norway

Image Source

Where are those infamous golden arches?! Kristiansand, Norway’s fifth biggest city, features wooden houses, neo-Gothic grand cathedrals and stretches of stunning Baltic beaches. So, to keep up with the city’s class, its McDonald’s is located in a sophisticated, marble-columned old bank.

6. Dallas, Texas: Guaranteed a happy meal!

mcdonalds locations texas

Image Source

From the parties to the portion size, apparently everything is bigger in America. And this McDonald’s in Dallas, Texas is no exception.

Shaped like an overgrown happy meal, this McDonald’s building comes equip with a giant cheeseburger, fries and a drink. So, if you weren’t already craving a Big Mac, you certainly will be now.

7. Paris: Rubbing shoulders with the elite

mcdonalds locations paris
Image Source

Although Paris is filled with Michelin-star restaurants, it’s McDo (as the locals say) that steals a prime spot on the prestigious Rue Saint-Lazare, neighbouring the likes of Gabor and Celio.

Serving up locally-inspired dishes, like the McBaguette, the McDonald’s branch offers cushions and stunning interiors to ensure its customers are extra comfy in its grand dining hall.

8. China: A work of art

mcdonalds locations china

Image Source

It’s unsurprising that McDonald’s has managed to find its way into the stunning Yangshuo region in China. Despite it looking like an unwelcome tourist (one hell of an understatement), could this be the most beautiful fast-food chain ever built?

9. Milan: Fraternising with the fashionistas

mcdonalds locations milan

Image Source

This has got to be one of the coolest Mcdonald outlets!

Although the branch is no more (*cries*), a few years ago, it used to sit stylishly in between the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada in the luxurious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

10. New York: Blink once and you’ll miss it

mcdonalds locations new york

Image Source

In down town Manhattan, you’ll find Canal Street (the holy grail for prospective bargain hunters). If you look really carefully, you’ll find this tall and skinny (unlike its customers), high-rise McDonald’s.

11. Russia: In the name of sport

mcdonalds locations russia

Image Source

Who said exercise and McDonald’s don’t go together? Why we ever need to ban Mcdonald’s when you there are fast food chains like this one? Well, this branch was one of five built especially for the Olympic Games in Russia back in 2014.

12. Bangkok: Take a break

mcdonalds locations bangkok

Image Source

Famous for its racy nightlife and transvestite performances, with calming foundations and a wooden veranda, Bangkok’s McDonald’s couldn’t be further from the city’s lively reputation.

The McDonald’s looks more like it should be by the waterfront in Cannes, than in the hustle and bustle of the racy Bangkok.

13. South Korea: Transformers

mcdonalds locations south korea

Image Source

With its kaleidoscope ceiling and space-ship inspired wings, this McDonald’s looks like something from the future. During the day, this branch looks like your average petrol station, but once night-time kicks in every customer is brought into the McFuture – and it’s (very) impressive!

14. Sydney: An art-exhibition or a fast-food chain?

mcdonalds locations sydney
Image Source

This is one of the most stylish fast food restaurants we’ve ever seen! With graphic images on the wall, Sydney’s George Street looks like the work of a modernist architect – not a greasy, fast-food joint

15. Orlando: If Disneyland wasn’t enough

mcdonalds locations orlando

Image Source

Orlando McDonald’s is the largest in the world. Orlando’s entertainment scene doesn’t just stop at Disneyland, it’s 18,716 square-foot McDs has been dubbed the ultimate ‘playplace’ for kids looking to run riot over climbing frames and giant Ronald McDonalds.

16. Maine: We’re moving in!

mcdonalds locations maine

Image Source

When the bosses found the perfect location for a branch, they had the plan to tear down the building to start a fresh. But angry locals urged the city’s bosses to preserve the 19th century building, so McDonald’s had no choice but to move into the building.

17. North Carolina: Is this the classiest McDonald’s ever?

mcdonalds locations north carolina

Image Source

Looking like something from a Parisian tea room, this building used to be a bog standard looking diner, before it underwent a serious renovation process. Offering a grand piano to its guests, it’s unsurprising that this is the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Classiest McDonald’s’.

18. Mississippi: McBarge

mcdonalds locations missi

Image Source

This unique McDonald’s was built especially to look like a paddle-wheel. Although the branch unfortunately isn’t around anymore, it was once a winning food formula in St. Louis.

If you ignore the scent of washed-up fish, mixed with the grease from the fryer (not to mention the boat’s petrol), you might’ve been able to stomach a few fries – erm, take out please!

19: Israel: A McDonald’s in the desert

mcdonalds locations isreal

Image Source

No, that’s not a hazy mirage you can see! It’s a McDonald’s – right in the middle of the desert!

Surprisingly for a branch which appears to be in the middle of nowhere, its kosher beef burgers are in hot demand, being served to travellers who are heading south.

20. Prague: In the name of irony

Image Source

If it wasn’t for the brightly coloured chairs, tables and (large) umbrellas – this McDonald’s building might’ve be disguised as some kind of chic gin bar.

But with almost comic irony, America’s ultimate capitalist franchise is situated slap bang opposite the Communist Museum – (very) awkward!

21. London: The bigger the better

Image Source

Especially for the Olympic games in 2012, McDonald’s opened a branch in London, which has since been dubbed the busiest in the world.

Located just yards from the Olympic stadium, the world’s fittest, strongest and quickest athletes certainly won’t have to break a sweat if they fancy some chicken McNuggets.

22. Sweden: McSki

mcdonalds locations sweden

Image Source

Is this the best (yet most ridiculous) thing you’ve ever heard?! A McDonalds INSIDE a ski resort? If you thought it couldn’t get more bizarre after the space-ship McDs, you were wrong!

In 1996 the fast-food giants built their first ski-thru restaurant in Sweden. You don’t even need to take off your skis, just head over to the counter and ski off down the slope with a satisfied belly – brilliant!

23. What McHappens in Vegas

mcdonalds locations vegas

Image Source

There are six McDonald’s on the Vegas strip alone and two of these are inside the casinos – so if you’re under 21, no Happy Meal for you!

Located between the Casino Royale and Harrah’s, you’ll spot the giant golden arches coming out of the Strip’s pavement.

24. Times Square: Big shining yellow and red lights

mcdonalds locations times square

Image Source

With its name in bright lights, McDonald’s is located in the heart of Times Square – rubbing shoulders with the likes of Les Mis and Oliver!

Situated in the concrete jungle’s theatre district and with a view of New York’s famous skyline, chicken McNuggets have never tasted so good.

25. Lindau, Germany: Colour co-ordination

mcdonalds locations germany

Image Source

If you’re in Germany’s Bavarian region and don’t fancy a sausage, this colour appropriate McDonald’s might be just what you fancy. The fairy-tale town is a popular tourist attraction and now it’s got the world’s favourite fast-food chain as an incentive.

26. Hong Kong: too good to be true?!

mcdonalds locations hong kong

Image Source 

This is arguably the world’s fanciest McDonald’s location- so much so, the only thing that gives it away is the usual practice of the golden arches at the front!

27. Feeling Hungary?

mcdonalds locations hungary

Image Source

Featuring iconic statues and a mosaic coat of arms, this traditional building is in-keeping with the city’s traditional vibe.

28. Ohio: Now that’s a statement McDonald’s!

mcdonalds locations ohio

Image Source

Better looking than its banking neighbours, this is one of the most unique McDonald’s restaurants! With subtle black signage in place of the golden arches, unless you know it’s there, this Maccies could be mistaken for a (very) posh bank.

29. Route 66: McNuggets with a Mcview

mcdonalds locations route 66

Image Source

The Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge… none are quite like this giant McDonald’s bridge in Oklahoma, USA.

The branch straddles Route 66: America’s most iconic highway. It’s no wonder that Mackies jingle is ‘I’m lovin’ it’ – what’s not to love?

30. Tokyo: Miniature Mackies

mcdonalds locations tokyo

Image Source

Is this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? This delightful mini Maccies is the smallest in the world, measuring in at only 492 square feet.

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