By Georgia Keenan

16th November 2018

”Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the caldron boil and bake…”

Old school witches were painted as being completely wicked by society – even those who had never experimented with magic feared being outed as a witch as it could have potentially lead to their brutal, savage and (quite frankly) unnecessary death.
But in today’s contrasting world, being a witch has become an appealing aesthetic – more  and more people are beginning to surround themselves with this mysterious witchery, in a bid to appear more intriguing and mysterious.

Messing around with crystals, summoning Satan through Ouija boards and hexing your ex might be all the rage now…but in previous years -and even in some parts of the modern world- it could have cost you your life!

It’s not all winkle pickers, pointy hats and black cats. For many, witches are serious business and over the years there have been plenty of curious (and down right bizarre) sightings…


These Witches Were Real Rotten Apples!

Some of the most famous witches in history hid their wicked shade of green underneath a flawless exterior…

1. The Witch Spotted In Place de Grieve Planned To Do What?!

Image Source

Catherine Monvoisin A.K.A La Voisin (the neighbour) was a French witch who you seriously did not want to mess with! Following the collapse of her husband’s business she went from palm reading to selling love spells, poisons, and drugs to induce abortion. You know, the usual stuff…

However, in 1680 she was arrested for witchcraft and burned at the stake in at Place de Grieve. Following Monvoisin’s death, her daughter revealed the evil plan she had to poison the king. Yikes!

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